Not just worksheets! You’ll find quality interactive activities to complement stories or topics. These resources help you increase the opportunities for interaction and therefore language practice AND the kids get excited about making them. Not only that, they create useful records of learning and help families play with their children at home in English in an authentic way. All resources include different variations so you can select the most appropriate versions for your context, aims and age group.

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Whether you’re focusing on house and home, family and friends or some autumnal fun, these resources are guaranteed to keep your ESL young learners excited about learning English. Happy November!

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Getting to know you card sets cover

Getting to Know You Card Pack

2.50€ (pdf)
3.50€ (editable PowerPoint)
Includes flashcards and small group game cards to practise more than 24 common questions in YL exams. Find image cards, suggested questions and text cards for fun matching games.

Title + images of the two worksheets in this resource: a rainbow and a worksheet with all the key items in the story book

Pink is for Boys Colouring Sheets

These Pink is for Boys Colouring Sheets include two worksheets to complement the story. Use them to focus on key vocabulary from the story, to practise colour vocabulary, or work on classroom request language.

What the Ladybird Heard – Small World Play Craft

Perfect for imaginative fun, story retelling and language practice, this What the Ladybird Heard – Small world play craft is simple and easy to make. Choose from a variety of templates to suit your needs and learning goals.

We're Going on a Bear Hunt Mini-books. Includes 10 variations. 5 or 15 story pages, matching pictures, matching text, tracing text. Story telling. Practise key vocabulary and phrases.

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt Mini-books

An amazing ten variations of these Bear Hunt mini-books. Perfect for differentiating for different skills and abilities. A fun interactive way to incorporate story retelling.

images of the different visual prompt cards for cut, color, draw etc.

Picture Directions – Prompt cards

Directions cards you can sequence to help kids become more independent during classwork and craft activities. You can also use them in games to help your little learners become familiar with common classroom tasks.

Image of yellow bus, orange car and text: transport activity pack and differentiated worksheets, games, crafts and card sets

Transport Activity Pack

Differentiated worksheets, games and crafts to help practise transport vocabulary in a fun way. Perfect to support teaching with We All Go Travelling By by Sheena Roberts and Siobhan Bell.

Meg's Eggs Colouring sheets. Practise language for key story characters and events. use in story retelling. Includes 6 different pictures.

Meg’s Eggs Colouring Sheets

6 different Meg’s Eggs colouring sheets, perfect for practising key story characters and story events or even story retelling.

Folding House Craft Resource cover. 1 piece of paper! Includes templates for every level. Includes cut and paste furniture. Great for dramatising the Peace at Last story.

Folding House Craft

Super easy folding house craft. Perfect for practising house and home vocabulary, in roleplay activities and to reenact stories.

Cover image for 3D Shops Categories Craft, including a photo of the completed craft

3D Shops Categories Craft

This 3D shops craft will help your students review and practise shopping vocabulary in a dynamic and interactive way. Includes both British and American English versions.

Cover image with Red Riding Hood, wolf and text: Little Red Riding Hood Activity Pack; Differentiated worksheets, games, crafts and card sets; learning language through games and craft

Little Red Riding Hood Activity Pack

11 individual resources. Each craft and worksheet includes a variety of templates to suit different ages and abilities. Resources include jigsaws, mini-books, flap books, folding craft, puppets + 3D theatre, story wheel craft, play script worksheets, headbands, board games, drawing templates, flashcards and mini-cards.

Stick Man Dominoes. Includes 6 variations for different skills practice. Facilitates language practise both during and after making the game. Focus on phrases or vocabulary items.

Stick Man Dominoes

Engaging and effective learning with these ESL Stick Man Dominoes and craft. A range of templates for different skills and language practice.

cover image showing 2 children jumping outside a school building with lots of images of various school stationery and objects around the edges

School – What’s Missing? – Powerpoint games

These School vocabulary PowerPoint games provide fun, interactive, vocabulary practice for face to face or online English classes. 3 vocabulary sets with colourful animations to engage your young learners.

Food and Things Flipbooks - mix and match 48 different picture and text combinations, 3 different versions, image of sample pages from the flipbook

Food and Things Flipbook Crafts – Ketchup on your Cornflakes

These Food and Things Flipbook crafts get kids using their creativity, practising English language and literacy and save you tons of time! Kids make their own combinations and talk about preferences and what goes together. Use to work on topic language or alongside Ketchup on your Cornflakes.

Meg's Eggs Simplified Story Script Resource thumbnail. Specially adapted for ESL/EFL learners. Use to prepare for drama activities. Perfect for practising your storytelling skills.

Meg’s Eggs Simplified Storytelling Script

This Meg’s Eggs Storytelling script is an adapted version of the Meg’s Eggs story, especially for EFL/ESL young learners. Help your kids get more language out of this story, or even use for a drama performance.

Elmer Fortune Teller Craft cover. Includes 5 different templates. Practise colours, numbers, patterns and adjectives of description. Engaging motor skills practice.

Elmer Fortune Tellers

Elmer Fortune Teller crafts that give your ESL kids fun, effective practice of useful story language before, during and after the craft.

Stick Man Mini-books cover. Includes 5 different mini-books with different language/skills practice. Story retelling. Practise key vocabulary and phrases.

Stick Man Mini-books

ESL kids create their very own Stick Man mini-books! A choice of templates and included procedures for every context and level.

Peace at Last Colouring sheets. Practise house and home vocabulary. Use in story retelling. Includes 10 different pictures.

Peace at Last Colouring sheets

10 engaging colouring sheets that bring the Peace at Last story to life. Fun practice for story phrases and house and home vocabulary.

Little Red Riding Hood Simplified Story with Audio cover. Image shows the front cover on a tablet.

Little Red Riding Hood Simplified Story with AUDIO

A set of interactive digital cards that you can use with EFL/ESL students and beginner readers. Practise listening and literacy skills, while preparing for a drama activity, or simply use as a fun story to get kids practising their English.

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