Farm animals Lift the flap crafts - 4 variations for each craft type - Integrated skills practice - Detailed activity procedures - Mixed abilities - Complements farm stories and songs
These Farm Animals Lift the Flap crafts enable integrated skills practice and vocabulary work for any farm theme or to complement your favourite farm songs and stories.
Choose from several variations to focus on the vocabulary and skills you want, and enjoy observing your young learners playing and learning.
Use the detailed activity procedures for a ready to go lesson or to select stages to complete over a series of lessons. 
Included vocabulary:
Animals – cow, dog, pig, sheep, duck, horse, chicken, rabbit
Places (optional to leave out) – barn, field, sty, stable, kennel, hutch, pond, chicken coop/hen house

Note: This is a ZIP file including separate pdfs for American English, British English, black and white and colour.

What will my students learn?

This is an integrated skills resource with opportunities for listening, literacy and speaking practice. The included activity procedure helps you choose what’s best for your group and context.

Your children will also build their understanding of animals and places on a farm and have the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience of farm life.

In addition to the target language of animals and places listed above, you can also choose to consolidate the following structures and phrases.


Verb ‘be’:  What is it? What is this? What colour is (the pig)? It’s (a horse); It’s (a barn), etc.

Has/Has got: It’s got (two legs); It has a (small tail);  It has feathers; It has got a (long nose), etc.

Can: It can/can’t fly; It can jump; It can swim; It can’t run, etc.

Present simple (live): It lives in (a stable)etc.

Phrases from farm stories and songs

“Oh Dear!” by Rod Campbell: He went to the (stable) and asked the (horse); No eggs here! Oh dear!

“Old Macdonald Had a Farm”: On that farm he had a (sheep); With a (baa baa) here and a (baa baa) there.

“Click, Clack, Moo” by Doreen Cronin: Impossible!; No milk today; We’d like…; No way!

“What the Ladybird Heard” by Julia Donaldson: (woof) said the dog; The ladybird said nothing; (prepositions and directions)

“Pig in the Pond” by Martin Waddell: There’s a pig in the pond!

Game and activity language

Where’s the…? What is it? Can you find the…? I can see a…

Can I have..? Here you are. Thank you. You’re welcome.

Colours, scissors, paper, glue, pencil, crayons, pens, cut, fold, write.

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