Find everything you need to teach English through stories! There are Activity Packs, Storytelling Videos, Digital Resources, Related Songs and much MORE on these Story Resource Pages.

Pete the cat - I love my white shoes book cover

Pete the Cat – I love my white shoes

Engaging ESL EFL teaching resources and materials for teaching kids English with Pete the Cat: I love my white shoes. Videos, crafts, worksheets, games and more.

Invisible Boy book cover

Invisible Boy

Find engaging crafts, games, printables and related songs and storytelling videos for your ESL kids classes with Invisible Boy by Trudy Ludwig and Patrice Barton.

The Three Little Pigs by Nick Sharratt and Stephen Tucker

The Three Little Pigs | ESL Resources

This classic is great for preschool and lower primary. Find loads of resources, songs and videos to help you teach useful phrases and ordinals, materials, language for intentions and refusals and much more.

The Rabbit Listened | ESL Story resources

A lovely story about coping with feelings and how to be a good friend. Easy for kids to relate to, this story is great for developing emotional awareness, and language related to feelings and typical behaviour.

Today I will fly!

Today I will fly! by Mo Willems has such positive messages of trying, never giving up and helping others. It’s also a great story to contextualise past, present and future English tenses.

Book cover for it's mine! by Rod Campbell

It’s Mine!

It’s mine! by Rod Campbell is perfect for teaching vocabulary for zoo animals, body parts, sentences with ‘can’ and useful phrases, especially ‘It’s mine!’

Dream snow by Eric Carle book cover

Dream Snow

Dream Snow by Eric Carle is a great story to connect with a Christmas or winter theme without being too Christmassy. It’s also great for revising counting, farm animals, weather and clothes.

room on the broom book cover

Room on the Broom | ESL resources

Find storytelling videos, songs, printables and other resources for the popular Room on the Broom story. Get all the ingredients for your lesson in one place.

Book cover for Pink is for Boys

Pink is for Boys

Pink is for Boys is a great picture book to teach the English for colours, while sending the important message that all the colours are for everyone.

Book cover for Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell. Picture of a lion in a red crate

Dear Zoo

Dear Zoo is a classic lift the flaps book that is still a favourite with kids today. Great for learning about different zoo animals, adjectives and colours. It’s also a good one for acquiring basic sentence structure.

book cover of What the Ladybird Heard - farmyard animals surround the ladybird who appears to be telling them information

What the Ladybird Heard | ESL Resources

What the Ladybird Heard is an engaging adventure that shows us how even the smallest creatures can save the day!
Apart from farm animal vocabulary, this story is great for learning prepositions and acquiring direction language. Of course,the kids love joining in with the animal noises too!

We All Go Travelling By book cover

We All Go Travelling By

We All Go Travelling By is a catchy and colourful song story that is perfect for teaching about different types of transport. Kids learn colours, useful phrases in the chorus and descriptive words too!

book cover of a cat playing the guitar for Pete the cat rocking in my school shoes

Pete the Cat: Rocking in my School Shoes

Pete the Cat is just so cool! This Rocking in My School Shoes story is great for teaching different rooms in the school, present continuous, typical actions in the school day and asking about place and position.

Image of Little red riding hood by marshall james

Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood is a classic that most children know. Apart from exploring the possible messages in the story, kids can learn about family, emotions, nature and body parts.


Peace at Last

Will Daddy Bear get some sleep?!
Peace at last is perfect for practising house and home vocabulary. This page also includes a fun video about Steve’s house.



Socks is a fun picture book that will send kids’ imaginations into overdrive. How many things can they repurpose a sock for?! The socks songs on this page will give them a giggle too : )

Meg's Eggs book cover

Meg’s Eggs

Meg, Mog, Owl and DINOSAURS! What a combination!
Great for reviewing colours, shapes and numbers in this fun story of a spell going wrong.


Eat your Peas

Kids really connect with Daisy in this story. They love talking about their likes and dislikes and what would convince them to eat their most hated foods. Perfect for developing food, daily routines, places in a town and conditional language.


The Smartest Giant in Town

What a lovely story about giving to others. Kids develop their clothes and animals vocabulary and can use their imaginations to think about how to repurpose clothes. The rhyming element helps make the language memorable.


The Snail and the Whale

Kids follow the snail and the whale in their adventure around the world. Wonderful for exploring landscape, nature and weather language, this story also highlights the message to help others.

Stick Man book cover

Stick Man

Will Stick Man make it back to his family for Christmas?
Focus on family, weather, seasons and animals vocabulary. It’s also a great story for describing purpose. What uses can they imagine for a stick?


Dinosaur Roar!

A colourful picture book full of dinosaurs. There’s lots of rich vocabulary here for describing appearance and personality that go beyond the basics in a course book. Which dinosaurs do your kids identify with?

meg-and-mog story

Meg and Mog

The original Meg and Mog story is perfect for halloween. The kids will enjoy the spell that goes wrong and the colourful images. Good as a springboard into clothes, animals and/or food vocabulary.

What do You DO with a tail like this - link to story resources page

What Do You Do With a Tail Like This?

Kids guess which animal the various body parts belong too then learn about the amazing ways the animals use their eyes, nose, ears, tail etc. A great real-life picture book that will interest kids as they learn about animals, body parts and the 5 senses.

Ketchup On Your Cornflakes book cover - link to story resources page

Ketchup On Your Cornflakes

This split-page book is fantastically interactive. Kids change the picture combinations to ask ‘Do you like..?’ questions. Salt on your head? Toothpaste on your toast? Ketchup on your chips? What other combinations can your kids come up with?

Seals on the Bus book cover - link to story resources page

The Seals on the Bus

This picture book based on the Wheels on the Bus song is easy for kids to join in with. Kids enjoy predicting the next animal and the funny pictures. Good for learning animal language. What other animals could go on the bus? What sound do they make?

The Rainbow fish book cover - link to story resources page

Rainbow Fish

A beautiful story about sharing and friends. The story lends itself well to colour and number vocabulary. How many scales does the Rainbow fish have? How many special scales do the other fish have?

Where the Wild Things Are book cover - link to story resources page

Where the Wild Things Are

A classic story that stimulates kids’ imaginations. Journey to the land of the Wild Things.
Great for learning animal body parts. You could combine with a focus on nature too.

Walking Through the Jungle book cover - link to story resources page

Walking Through the Jungle

A classic picture book that is fantastic for animal and action vocabulary. Kids quickly learn the chant and join in as they meet the various animals in the jungle.

The Yoga Ogre book cover - link to story resources page

The Yoga Ogre

This fun story is perfect for learning sport vocabulary. What sports can your kids play?
The Yoga Ogre tries all sorts of new sports but some might suit him better than others!


The Three Billy Goats Gruff

The Three Billy Goats is a really fun story to do with kids. They can join in easily with our adapted telling of the story and learn some really useful phrases. It’s a nice way to focus on nature and appearance language too.

The Pig in the Pond book cover - link to story resources page

The Pig in the Pond

This fun story of a pig that wants to swim on a hot day will get the kids giggling.
There are lots of places where the kids can join in with the farm animals shouting the news that ‘There’s a pig in the pond!’.

The Gruffalo's child book cover - link to story resources page

The Gruffalo’s Child

This story build’s on the popular Gruffalo story and gives kids plenty of opportunities to build language to describe appearance. Great for body parts and vocabulary for forest animals.


The Gruffalo

This popular story will be familiar to a lot of kids in their first language. This makes it perfect for building their language in English. A good story for consolidating body parts, describing appearance and talking about forest animals.

The Giving Tree book cover - link to story resources page

The Giving Tree

A beautiful story about generosity and helping others. Follow the life of the boy and his relationship with the tree. A bit more serious than most children’s stories, but definitely a valuable one. Talk about helping others, nature and/or family & friends.

The Enormous Turnip book cover - link to story resources page

The Enormous Turnip

A classic story that is full of useful repetition. See our resources for helping kids acquire language related to friends and family, pets and food. Teaching with this story is great for learning lots of useful phrases too.

The Cow That Went OInk book cover - link to story resources page

The Cow That Went Oink

A wonderful story about a cow and a pig who are different from the rest. Great to talk about the importance of not laughing at others for being different. Kids can learn useful farm animal vocabulary and language to talk about feelings and emotions.

The Ants go Marching book cover - link to story resources page

The Ants Go Marching

A wonderful song story that kids can learn a lot of language from. At a basic level, you can use it for counting and numbers practice but it is also great for rhyming, weather and even clothes vocabulary.

We're going on a bear hunt

We’re Going On A Bear Hunt

One of our favourites, this story captivates little (and not so little!) minds. Rich in language, kids will learn useful phrases and language to talk about feelings, nature, family & friends and more.


Ten Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

A classic catchy song that kids love. Who doesn’t love jumping on a bed?! See the related resources to help kids acquire language for numbers, counting and body parts.

See You Later Alligator book cover - link to story resources page

See You Later, Alligator

This fun puppet book is great for daily routines, house, chore and leisure vocabulary.
A nice way for kids to pick up some useful phrases, as well as language to talk about their daily lives.

Penguin book cover


A lovely story about a boy who gets a penguin for a present. it ties in very nicely to Christmas or other celebrations with gift giving. Connect to topics of friendship and expressing feelings and emotions.

Pants book cover -link to story resources page


This funny book will have kids giggling at all the strange pants. What kid doesn’t like pants?! This story will obviously tie in with the topic of clothes, but is also useful for a focus on colours, patterns.

Papa bring me the moon book cover - link to story resources page

Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me

A magical story about a Dad who gets the moon for his little girl.
See our resource page for some great songs that connect well with this story and help kids learn about the moon.

Owl Babies book cover - link to story resources page

Owl Babies

Owl Babies tells the tale of three baby owls who are waiting for their Mum to come home. Young children will identify with the littlest owl’s cries for his Mum: ‘I want my Mum!!’
This story is a nice springboard into feeling and emotions language. It is also a nice link into a project on the forest and learning about forest animals.

One Moose, Twenty Mice book cover - link to story resources page

One Moose, Twenty Mice

An attractive picture book, this is a great story for practising counting to 20, learning animal vocabulary and learning phrases such as, “Where’s the cat?”

One Mole Digging a Hole book cove - link to story reosurces page

One Mole Digging a Hole

A favourite with young kids, this story is perfect for practising numbers and counting. Set in a garden, it’s also great for learning animal vocabulary. The catchy rhymes and silly actions can also be used to increase memorablity.

One Duck Stuck book cover - link to story resources page

One Duck Stuck

This is a wonderful picture book about the marshland animals and insects helping a duck stuck in the muck.
See our resources that help you help kids with numbers, counting, animal vocabulary and other useful phrases in this story.

old-macdonald-had-a-zoo-story resources-page-efl-esl

Old Macdonald Had a Zoo

Old MacDonald Had a Zoo is a fun twist on the traditional children’s rhyme. The illustrations in this song story are very engaging. This is a great story to build on animal vocabulary in a memorable way. Add actions too for added fun.

Old Macdonald had a farm

Old Macdonald Had a Farm

Old Macdonald Had a Farm is a book based on the classic song. It’s catchy and kids quickly pick up the chorus and love making the animal noises! Perfect for learning farm animal language and acquiring useful language chunks from the song. See our favourite verions of the song on our resource page.

Oi Get Off Our Train book cover - link to story resources page

Oi! Get Off Our Train! | ESL Resources

Oi! Get Off Our Train is the story of a boy who has a dream about a train ride with his dog. They meet lots of endangered animals along the way. This story is a good springboard into topics such as transport, nature and the environment, animals and the weather.


Never Tickle a Tiger | ESL Resources for kids

Never Tickle a Tiger is a fun story of a girl on a school excursion to the zoo. She can’t sit still! How many kids can identify with that?! Witness the chaos unfold when she can’t resisit the temptation to tickle the tiger. It’s a great story to practise animal and movement vocabulary.

My Teacher is a Monster book cover - link to story resources page

My Teacher is a Monster

A fun reflection on perceptions, this story can provide a way to talk about behaviours and feelings. It’s also a great story to springboard into body, numbers and school vocabulary.

It's Not Fair book cover - link to story resources page

It’s not Fair

It’s Not Fair is a story that all children with brothers or sisters can identify with. This story connects well to the topics of Family and Daily Life.

I am the music man book cover - link to story resources page

I am the Music Man

I am the Music Man is an engaging book based on the popular children’s song. This song is language rich and kids easily pick up the key phrases. See our resources that help you make the most of the music, home, family and pets vocabulary.

The Hungry Caterpillar book cover - ink to story resources page

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

This famous story is always a hit with the kids. Choose to focus on food, days of the week or the butterfly lifecycle. See our resource page for lots of useful related resources.

Goodnight Moon book cover

Goodnight Moon

Goodnight Moon is a classic children’s book that has stood the test of time. This is a lovely book to create quiet and calm moments or at the end of the day. It ties in nicely to the themes of routines and home.

Goat Goes to Playgroup story resource page efl esl

Goat Goes To Playgroup

Goat Goes To Playgroup is a story that preschoolers will find very easy to identify with. Follow Goat through the adventures of a typical day at kindergarten. This story connects well to a number of different topics. You could explore daily routines, sports and leisure or school.

click, clack, moo: cows that type book cover

Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type

CLICK, CLACK, MOO: Cows that type is an amusing story about cows that use a typewriter to negotiate better terms of work with the farmer. This story provides good opportunities to explore the idea of compromise, practise writing and literacy skills or simply explore the topic of farms and farm animals.


Children Make Terrible Pets

Children make Terrible Pets turns the idea of having a pet on its head. Imagine if an animal had a human for a pet! It’s a great springboard into several topics, including animals, home, family and responsibility. It’s also a good story to introduce and practise prepositions.

All Mine book cover

All mine!

All Mine! is a fun story about sharing that young children can easily relate to. This story is also a good springboard for exploring emotions, animals and food language.


Brief Thief

Brief thief is a very funny story that kids love. It involves poo, pants and conscience! It’s a great springboard into the topic of clothes. It could also connect well to the topic of nature too.


Goodnight Gorilla

Follow the gorilla around the zoo as he lets each animal out of its cage! This is a funny and enjoyable story with a simple but effective storyline. It’s a good story to practise greetings and animal vocabulary and phrases such as ‘I’m sleepy’, ‘I’m not sleepy!’


From Head to Toe

From Head to Toe is a fantastic picture book that kids can interact with easily. Kids enjoy joining in with the question and answer running through the book: “Can you do it?”; “I can do it!” It is also a great book for learning the parts of the body, actions and, of course, animals.


Fidgety Fish

Fidgety Fish is a story that most kids can easily relate to. Tiddler the fish can’t stop moving so his Mum sends him out to play. Follow him on his adventure! This story is great for practising all language related to life under the sea.


Brown Bear, Brown Bear

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? is a classic kids’ book perfect for the littlest learners. The wonderful illustrations and catchy rhyme easily capture the attention of young kids. It’s perfect for helping kids learn colours and animals vocabulary.

Monkey Puzzle book cover - link to story resources page

Monkey Puzzle

Monkey Puzzle (also known as “Where’s my Mum?”) by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler is a firm favourite with children in our classes. See our resource page to help kids learn body parts, adjectives and describing ability and actions, as well as jungle animal vocabulary.


That’s Not Funny!

That’s Not Funny is a colourful, entertaining story with the important message not to laugh at others’ misfortune. This story can help children learn animal and action vocabulary and of course, “That’s not funny!”

shark in the park book cover and link to story resource page

Shark in the Park

Shark in the Park is the fun story of a boy playing in the park with his telescope. Excellent for helping kids learn complete sentences with ‘There is/There are’, it’s also great for prepositions. Best of all, it lends itself well to play and exploring the world around them.

Nine Ducks Nine Kids Club English

Nine Ducks Nine

A classic counting down story with a twist! Kids enjoy watching the ducks escape as the hungry fox comes nearer and nearer. Perfect for learning numbers and some key nature vocabulary too.

Ten in the Bed book cover - link to story resources page

Ten in the Bed

Ten in the Bed is based on the classic song but with a fun subplot. Perfect for learning numbers and animals along with the song. The message of sharing is also clearly illustrated.


If You Give A Mouse A Cookie

A fun story of consequences, this story might remind children of the ‘if’s and ‘when’s that parents give them! It’s also great for leading into house and home vocabulary and it can help kids acquire conditional structures and talk about the future.

What's the Time Mr. Wolf? book cover - link to story resources page

What’s the time Mr. Wolf?

What’s the Time Mr. Wolf? is a fun interactive puppet book. The hungry wolf goes through his day until….dinner time! This is the perfect book to learn daily routine language and telling the time. You can also focus on the house and furniture vocabulary in the colourful images.

The Mulberry Bush book cover - link to story resources page

Here we go round the Mulberry Bush

Based on the classic song, it’s a great song story to help kids learn the language to describe daily routines. It could also work well as a way to revise clothes or home and furniture vocabulary too.

Over in the Meadow book cover - link to story resources page

Over in the Meadow

Over in the Meadow is a popular folk song with many different variations. The song goes from 1 to 10 so is excellent for learning / consolidating numbers and counting. It’s great for learning about animals, their habitats, actions and sounds too.



Elmer is one of the most popular kids’ books in many languages around the world. The message that it’s ok to be different is an important one for children. Check out our Story Resource Page to help kids practise colours, patterns and animal vocabulary.

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