End of the year pop-up card craft - Fully editable
This End of Year Pop-up card craft is fully editable and is perfect for reviewing topics or stories you’ve covered during the school year OR to practise language to talk about summer plans.
You’ll find different templates that you can edit for exactly the text or images you want to include.
There are also comprehensive Activity Procedures with lots of ideas and timings so that you can plan an entire class around this craft OR as part of a lesson. 

Note: This will download as a PowerPoint file for you to edit and print in your preferred presentation software.

What will my students learn?

This is very dependent on what topics or stories you want to revise, or the summer vocabulary you want to practise. You can edit the templates to suit your specific context. However below are the topics and summer vocabulary included in the templates and the additional language you can choose to focus on.


animals, pets, zoo, jungle, farm (elephant, fish, pig), music (notes), colours, monsters, body, home (house), feelings, emotions (happy, smile), town, city, numbers, spring, lifecycles, family, people (baby), me (boy, girl), sport, free time, hobbies (football, cycling, ride a bike) Jobs, people who help us (police) dinosaurs, school, stationery, classroom objects (scissors, pencil) daily routines (wash my face), nature (tree), shapes (circle), food, fruit (apple), weather (rainy), clothes (T-shirt)

Summer vocabulary

ice cream, park, swings, seesaw, camping, riding a bike, swimming pool, swimming, beach, sand, bucket, spade, sandcastle, reading, flip flops, playing games, playing with friends, playing outside, riding a scooter, swimsuit, swimming shorts, sunglasses, sun cream/sunscreen.

Interaction language

Ask and stickWhere’s the (ice cream)? Do you have the (T-shirt)? Can I have (the   elephant) please?

  Here you are. Thank you. You’re welcome.

Listen and stick: I can see (a house); I spy with my little eye something beginning   with ‘b’; The topic is (sport)!

Story languageUse any memorable phrase to represent the story, e.g., “I want to   eat you!” (Three Billy Goats); “Go away monster!” (Go Away Big   Green Monster); “On Tuesday it eats two pears” (The Very Hungry   Caterpillar)

Craft and instruction language: Fold in half, match up the lines, cut to here, stick   the cover here, cut out the pictures, colours, pencils, pens, crayons,   scissors, glue, share with your friends.

Ideas for discussion and comment language

What was your favourite story/topic? Why? What do you remember about….? What do your prefer – this or this? What colour are you going to do the dog? What are you going to put here?

Are you going to the beach this summer? Do you like going to the park? What’s your favourite game? What book are you going to read? Have you got a bike? Where do you go?

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