Room on the Broom Book Craft - Learning English through stories and craft

This Room on the Broom Book Craft is ideal for including a variety of skills practice and for consolidating so much useful language from the story. The story is a simplified, adapted version of Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson and Axel Sheffler.

There are 3 different versions. Whichever you choose, your children will be delighted to have created their very own copy of the story that they can take home and tell their families.

Great for preparing and supporting drama activities too!

Find videos, songs and more resources on the Room on the Broom Story Resource Page.

What does the Room in the Broom Book Craft include?

There are 3 versions. Each version creates a book with 21 pages. One book requires 3 sheets of A4 printed double-sided.

  • Print and Assemble – What it says on the tin! See the Activity Suggestions for a variety of different activities you can do to incorporate fun, dynamic language practice.
  • Read and Draw or Picture Match – Great for sequencing skills as well as reading. You can even include listening skills with listen and identify activities.
  • Create your own version – The children change the animals, colours and landscapes in the story, but the main plot stays the same. This allows them to get creative without putting on too much pressure. They can then draw pictures to represent their version of the story.

The download also includes Activity Suggestions for ideas of what to do before, during and after the craft to really maximise the learning.

How is the story adapted for ESL/EFL?

You can download our Room on the Broom Simplified Powerpoint Story to see the story in action. This is a great tool to use to tell the story, before you use this craft.

Here is a sample of the text included on the book pages. We’ve maintained the magic of the rhyme but kept the text in present simple and omitted some of the more complex language.

Page 1: Here is the witch, and here is her cat. Here is her bow, and here is her plait. Here comes the wind. It blows of her hat!

Page 2: “Down!” cries the witch and they fly to the ground. They search for the hat, but no hat can be found.

Page 3: Then along comes a dog. Hip, hip hooray! It has the hat. It starts to say…

Page 4: “I am a dog as white as can be. Is there room on the broom for a dog like me?”

Page 11: Over the reeds and rivers they fly. It’s very windy up in the sky. Look at the wand. Oh no! No way! The wind blows and the wand flies away.

Page 15: “Yes!” cries the witch and the frog jumps on. The witch taps the broomstick and whoosh! they are gone.

Page 16: They fly and fly, Then out of the blue, The witch’s broomstick breaks in two!

Page 20: The dragon, frightened, runs away. There will be no witch for dinner today.

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