Animals and Actions flap cards - two levels - dice game on back
These Rabbit Listened Animals and Actions Flap cards provide lots of interaction opportunities and a variety of skills practice.
The children match the flaps to create a simple card that they can use in follow-up games.
Target language:
Lower level – chicken, bear, elephant, hyena, ostrich, kangaroo, snake, rabbit 
Higher level – Let’s talk, let’s shout, let’s remember, let’s laugh, let’s hide, let’s throw it away, let’s ruin someone else’s, let’s listen.
Grammar and functions – See Preview for possible structures.
Includes detailed activity procedure suggestions with timings. Use as part of a class with The Rabbit Listened or as a stand-alone lesson.

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What will my students learn?

This is an integrated skills resource with opportunities for listening, literacy and speaking practice. The included activity procedure helps you choose what’s best for your group and context.

They will also develop their social and emotional awareness. You can choose to encourage personal reflection on behaviour in different situations if you wish.

In addition to the target language of animals and actions listed above, you can also choose to consolidate the following structures and phrases.


Verb ‘be’:  What is it? What is this? What colour is (the elephant)? It’s (a snake); It’s (green), etc.

Has/Has got: It’s got a long neck; It has strong arms;  It has feathers; It has got a trunk, etc.

Can: It can/can’t fly; It can jump; It can climb; It can’t run, etc.

Game and activity language

It’s your turn; It’s my turn; Like this?; This one; It’s here; It’s there

Touch the; Point to the; Go to the; Give me the;

This is first/second/third/fourth etc.

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