The Rabbit Listened

A lovely story about coping with feelings and how to be a good friend. Easy for kids to relate to, this story is great for developing emotional awareness, social development and language related to feelings and typical coping strategies: talk about it, shout about it, fix it, hide from it, laugh about it, hurt someone else…..or just listen and be there.

There are several versions of this story available. See reviews and purchase options here or watch the storytelling videos.

Kids Club English Resources

Find other resources related to the topics in the story on our topic resource pages:

Storytelling videos

Feelings songs

Friendship songs

Colouring and writing sheets by the author

You can download and print some of these colouring and writing templates from the Cori Doeerfeld.

You could use cut up the animal pictures and use them in sequencing activities or as prompts for drama activities where the children act out the different emotions and reflect on them.

Digital vocabulary wheel

Use this spinner wheel in different classroom games:

  • Act out the behaviour of the animal in the story.
  • Name the animal and/or the behaviour.
  • Run and touch – Print pictures of the animals to pin around your room.
  • Talk! Invite the children to talk about a time they felt like that animal. What happened? How did they feel? How could the problem be solved differently?
  • Spin and write – Give the children mini-whiteboards (put a sheet of paper in a polypocket). The children work in teams to spell the name of the animal or the action (7 years and up).

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