The Rabbit Listened Flashcards and Game Cards
These Rabbit Listened Flashcards and game cards will help your kids learn useful phrases and vocabulary in a fun and memorable way.
You’ll find the 8 phrases and animals featured in the story plus an additional four in three types of card sets: flashcards, mini-cards and matching cards.
Detailed Activity Suggestions are included full of game ideas for your learners to play whole class, or in pairs and small groups.

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What will my students learn?

Depending on the age and level of your learners, you can use these cards to practise any or all of the following language:

Animals from the story

chicken, bear, elephant, hyena, kangaroo, snake, rabbit, ostrich

Additional animals

monkey, gorilla, sloth, camel

Action phrases from story

let’s talk, let’s shout, let’s remember, let’s laugh, let’s throw it away, let’s ruin someone else’s, let’s hide, let’s listen

Additional action phrases

let’s make a mess, let’s thump, let’s go to sleep, let’s be grumpy


Verb ‘be’:  What is it? What is this? What colour is (the elephant)? It’s (a snake); It’s (green), etc.

Has/Has got: It’s got a long neck; It has strong arms;  It has feathers; It has got a trunk, etc.

Can: It can/can’t fly; It can jump; It can climb; It can’t run, etc.

Game and activity language

It’s your turn; It’s my turn; Like this?; This one; It’s here; It’s there

Touch the; Point to the; Go to the; Give me the;

This is first/second/third/fourth etc.

Besides language, your students will develop their social skills, listening, speaking and even literacy skills.

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