What the Ladybird Heard - Flashcards and Game Cards sets resource cover - Ladybird with thumbnails of examples of the different game cards in the background.
Use these What the Ladybird Heard cards to play games, pre-teach and practise key vocabulary from the story OR as part of a unit on Farms and farm animals.
There are two main vocabulary sets: farm animals/story characters and key story place vocabulary.
Flashcards come in A5 size. Adjust printer settings to print in A4 if you wish.
Optional card backs and detailed Activity Suggestions are included.

This resource is included with 8 other resources in the What the Ladybird Heard Activity Pack.

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What will my students learn?

While it is possible to focus on individual language items, you can use the cards to include more complex language and phrases. If you are using them to complement the story, you can choose to target specific animal, directions or place vocabulary, or adjective phrases. For some ideas, see the Possible Language Focus.

Besides language, your students will develop their social skills, listening, speaking and even literacy skills.

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