This simple craft for What the Ladybird Heard by Julia Donaldson and Lydia Monks is perfect for complementing the story, but ALSO for working on a farm or animal unit.

Choose from a range of different templates to suit your context. Whichever ones you choose, your little learners will have plenty of opportunities to use their imaginations and play with English in a natural and fun way.

Easy to make, easy to manipulate, easy to learn!

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What will my students learn?

The playful nature of this craft means that you can be very flexible about what language you want to focus on. If you are using it to complement the story, you can choose to target specific animal, directions or place vocabulary. For some ideas, see the Possible Language Focus.

Besides language, your students will develop their social skills, listening, speaking and even literacy skills.

There are opportunities to talk about different animals. The physical nature of this resource lends itself well to  categorising animals according to different characteristics.

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