What the Ladybird Heard

book cover of What the Ladybird Heard - farmyard animals surround the ladybird who appears to be telling them information

What the Ladybird Heard is an engaging adventure that shows us how even the smallest creatures can save the day!

Apart from farm animal vocabulary, this story is great for learning prepositions and acquiring direction language. Of course,the kids love joining in with the animal noises too!

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Kids Club English Resources

Farm animals Lift the flap crafts - 4 variations for each craft type - Integrated skills practice - Detailed activity procedures - Mixed abilities - Complements farm stories and songs

Farm Animals Lift the Flap Crafts

A whole lot of integrated skills practice with only one sheet of paper. Perfect for working on a farm theme or to complement a farm song or story such as ‘Old Macdonald Had a Farm’ or ‘Oh Dear!’ Choose from several variations for kids to fold, cut, stick, colour, draw and write. Follow the activity procedure to create a whole lesosn or series of lessons.

What the Ladybird Heard Activity Pack title and ladybird image

What the Ladybird Heard Activity Pack

11 separate resources with a range of different templates for each craft and worksheet. Includes flashcards, mini-cards, jigsaws, board games, mini-books, line-matching sheets, roleplay masks/puppets, graphing dice & sheets, find and stick activities and a small world play craft.

What the Ladybird Heard – Small World Play Craft

Perfect for imaginative fun, story retelling and language practice, this What the Ladybird Heard – Small world play craft is simple and easy to make. Choose from a variety of templates to suit your needs and learning goals.

Storytelling videos

Farm Animal songs

Prepositions and position songs

Digital Farm animals Games

Play these games directly on mobile, tablet, computer or interactive whiteboard. Pause the timer by clicking on the time in the top right corner.

Farm animals pairs game

Find the pairs of animals from What the Ladybird Heard. 

Random Wheel

Spin the wheel! You have the choice to eliminate animals when you land on them. See below for some activity suggestions.

  1. Spin and say – Nominate a child to spin the wheel. When the wheel stops, do something! For example, name the animal; run and touch a flashcard of the animal; walk around the room like the animal; make the animal noise, etc.
  2. What’s Missing? – Get the children to turn around, and spin the wheel. Press ‘eliminate’. Can they identify what’s missing?
  3. Spin and find – Mix things up! Play both games at once. Spin the Random wheel, then try to find the tile with that animal.

What the Ladybird Heard Songs

Other Activity ideas

Find project ideas, prompts to ask children about the book pages and simple worksheets in the Scottish Book Trust Learning Resource.


Download ladybird dominoes from the BBC.