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Clothes Board Games 1

Clothes Board Games and Craft

Clothes Board Games facilitate practise of up to 36 clothes vocabulary items with related structures and phrases. Super easy to differentiate for ability!

Little Red Riding Hood Folding Craft Resource cover

Little Red Riding Hood Folding Craft

Help prepare your young learners for a Little Red Riding Hood story retelling or an easy class performance with this sequencing folding craft. Perfect to prepare for a Trinity Stars Stage 2 Performance Award!

The Hungry Caterpillar Mini-books cover. Includes 5 different template types in each set (7 or 11 story stages). Easy to choose your skills focus. Use across a wide range of age groups and levels.

The Hungry Caterpillar Mini-books

Including several different templates, these Hungry Caterpillar mini-books are perfect for many different age groups, levels and language practice.

Stick Man Seasons Find and Stick cover. Includes 2 formats. Match activities to seasons. Consolidate story vocabulary and phrases. American or British English.

Stick Man Seasons Find and Stick

These Stick Man Seasons Find and stick templates are a fun and dynamic way to teach season and activities vocabulary with the story.

Elmer Write and Draw templates Editable thumbnails. Use for creative tasks. Connect the story to personal experience. Includes activity project suggestions.

Elmer Write and Draw templates

Get creative and connect the story to personal experiences with these attractive write and draw templates. Includes project ideas.

Body Parts - Create and Cut jigsaw resource cover

Body Parts – Create and Cut Jigsaw Puzzle

Follow the Activity Suggestions to practise body parts vocabulary while kids create their very own body jigsaw puzzle. The jigsaw envelope also provides worksheet-type activities for added practice.

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