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The Enormous Turnip Colouring sheets Resource cover. Practise numbers and colours. Practise key story vocabulary. Use in story retelling. Includes 5 different templates.

The Enormous Turnip Colouring Sheets

Get 5 different templates with these Enormous Turnip Colouring sheets. Help your ESL young learners practise family/people, colours, numbers and more!

Zoo Animals Fortune Tellers cover. Practise zoo animals, description language. Complements 'Dear Zoo', 'It's Mine' and other zoo stories. Follow included dynamic procedures to maximise language learning.

Zoo Animals Fortune Tellers

Zoo Animals Fortune Teller crafts give your ESL kids fun, effective practise of useful language before, during and after the craft.

Meg's Eggs Stick Puppets resource cover. Retell the story. Practise character and story language. Use in play and free play activities and dialogues. Includes activity ideas.

Meg’s Eggs Stick Puppets

Retell the Meg’s Eggs story with these fun stick puppets for ESL/EFL young learners. Includes different variations to suit your context.

Stick Man Jigsaw Crafts. Includes 3 different images. 3 different levels - 5 piece, 9 pieces and 12 pieces. Use as a game and/or a craft. Practise key story language.

Stick Man Jigsaw Crafts

Engaging, effective and complete with activity suggestions, Stick Man Jigsaw Crafts are perfect for fun ESL lessons with lots of learning.

Monkey Puzzle Jigsaw display mural cover. Collaborative classroom project. Use in classroom games. Review animal and story language.

Monkey Puzzle Jigsaw Display Mural

Bring jigsaws to the class level with this fun collaborative Monkey Puzzle display project. Ideal for practising animal and story language in classroom games.

Eat Your Peas Mini-books resource cover. Focus on daily routines or fun items/places in the story. Includes 4 variations within each mini-book set. Engaging and interactive activities bring the story to life.

Eat Your Peas Mini-books

Super useful mini-book crafts for the Eat Your Peas by Kes Gray. Choose from 4 book types in each vocabulary set. Multi-skills practice!


Sports and Leisure Activity Pack

Worksheets, crafts and games to develop sports and free time vocabulary and describe likes and dislikes. All crafts and worksheets are differentiated for a range of abilities, ages and contexts.

School Activity Pack Thumbnail Cover

School Activity Pack

Worksheets, crafts, cards and games to develop school vocabulary and classroom language. Choose from a range of templates to suit different ages, contexts and abilities.

Over in the Meadow Activity Pack thumbnail cover

Over in the Meadow – Activity Pack

These resources complement Over in the Meadow by Louise Voce. Kids learn about animals, numbers, actions, noises, habitats and nature at the same time as acquiring useful language from this popular song/story.

My Teacher is a Monster Activity Pack thumbnail cover

My Teacher is a Monster Activity Pack

Crafts, worksheets, activities and game cards to complement My Teacher is a Monster by Peter Brown. Kids learn colours, numbers, school objects and body language.

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