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This resource is also available as part of The Smartest Giant in Town Activity Pack

The-smartest-giant-in-town-clothes-flipbook-cover-pageChoose from a range of templates to create a fun flipbook to use in games and as a memorable record of learning. Use with or without the Smartest Giant story to support teaching clothes and/or animal vocabulary.

The templates are specifically designed to allow for differentiation of ability and context and come complete with COMPREHENSIVE ACTIVITY SUGGESTIONS that help promote higher engagement, interaction and language that goes beyond word level.

Choose British or American English, colour or black and white depending on your needs.

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Vocabulary includes:

Pages 1-4: tie, shoes, shirt, sunglasses, cap, vest, trousers/pants, sock

Pages 5-8: woolly hat, belt, pants/underpants, crown, dress, sandals

Pages 9-12: giraffe, T-shirt, shorts, trainers/sneakers, goat, jacket, fox, mouse

Pages 13-16: dog, jumper/sweater, pyjamas/pajamas, skirt, boots, rabbit

There are 4 pages per sheet and 4 sheets in total. Choose to print only the first 2 sheets to create a shorter book that focuses mainly on clothes vocabulary in the story. Print all 4 sheets to include the story animals and extended clothes vocabulary. There are also sections that allow kids to get creative and draw to make each book unique. Print double sided for best results.

This resource includes the following templates in both black and white and colour:
  • Flipbook covers – Back covers include text of the vocabulary contained in the book so that kids can use to check spelling in labelling or writing tasks. They come in American English or British English and there are two versions of each depending on whether you print all 4 pages (16 page flipbook containing animals) or 2 pages (8 page flipbook focussing on story clothes vocabulary).
  • Freestyle sheets – Images with no designated writing spaces. These can be used flexibly to include focus on a range of structures and other vocabulary, e.g., “He’s wearing a tie”; “He isn’t wearing a sock”; “It’s a shirt”; “They’re shoes”; “He looks grumpy” etc. These may also be more suitable for non-literate learners.
  • Labelling sheets – These indicate specific clothing items or animals for the children to write the names of.
  • Gapfill sheets – These support learning with the initial and final letter of each word included. They can consult the back cover if you wish you to offer further support. Gapfill sheets also come in both American and British English versions.


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The Smartest Giant in Town – Clothes Flipbook