Dynamic and engaging crafts, worksheets, games and flashcards to teach English with The Smartest Giant in Town by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler.

What is included?

This 293 page Activity Pack contains 14 different resources. Each resource contains several different variations. You can choose the most suitable for the age and level of your young learners, and the skills you want to practise. Every resource helps you include plenty of speaking and listening opportunities for a memorable and fun learning experience.

What will my students learn?

These resources will help your young learners with these language points:

  • clothes vocabulary
  • animal vocabulary
  • superlatives
  • useful story phrases, e.g., “What’s the matter?”; “Cheer up!”
  • expressing purpose
  • expressing desires

At the same time, they’ll develop their fine motor skills, literacy skills, social skills and develop their understanding of the world.

SEE the Preview for full details of the vocabulary and structures targetted.

Comprehensive Activity Suggestions provide lots of ideas for activities to do before and after, and also give you ideas for interactive ways to conduct the activities for effective language practice.

What are the resources?

  • Colouring sheets – There are 4 different sheets to choose from. See the activity suggestions for fun interactive ways to maximise language practice.
  • Line matching sheets – Children match the clothes items to the story characters. Choose which worksheet suits you best: trace lines, follow lines, draw lines, trace words and/or complete gapfills to practice spelling.
  • Jigsaws – There are 3 different jigsaws. Each one has three different difficulty levels – 15 piece, 9 piece and 5 piece jigsaws. Follow the activity suggestions for inspiration on ways to maximise language practise and include dynamic elements.
  • Story slider craft – A fun tool that kids can make to practise sequencing skills, while consolidating language from The Smartest Giant in Town story. Perfect for sharing with families.
  • Clothes flipbook – A fun craft resulting in a book with split pages. Turn the top and bottom sections to create fun combinations of the giant and the character animals wearing different clothes. Choose between labelling pages, gapfill pages and freestyle pages.
  • Clothes sort! sheets – Different variations of two types of sorting sheets: top half / bottom half clothes sort OR parts of the body clothes. Focus only on the story clothes or include extended clothes vocab then cut and paste. Templates include colouring sheets too.
  • Song booklet – Create a simple booklet with the Smartest Giant song. Choose to use it as a simple colouring book or print the templates with gapfills to include literacy practice. Creates a simple but effective record of learning.
  • Roleplay headbands / puppets – Print and make into puppets or masks to use in acting out the story. See the Activity Suggestions for fun ideas.
  • Bingo games and craft – Choose between small or large boards. Focus on story clothes or extended clothes. Print and laminate these bingo card sets for multiple use and/or use the provided templates for students to create their own.
  • Board games – Choose between different versions of this fun game for children to practice BOTH animal and clothes vocabulary. Follow the game play suggestions for ideas on how to naturally incorporate extended story language. Kids can also create their own version of the game in a cut and paste activity.
  • Write and draw templates – a range of templates, with and without guidelines for kids to complete any related project.
  • Matching Cards – Use these cards to play fun matching and memory games.
  • Mini-cards – Excellent for a range of games and matching tasks. Sets include clothes, animals and other key story language vocabulary. Print multiple sets for pair and small group work.
  • Flash Cards – Use in a variety of ways to introduce and practice new language, develop literacy skills or as visual prompts for language games.

Please note the Smartest Giant story is not provided with this resource but is available in major book stores.  


  • You had me at your smile and 293 pages

    I’ll be using it for a volunteer lesson for Ukranian children tomorrow morning here in Poland. Have a beautiful day!

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  • The smartest Giant in Town Activity Pack

    I do love it! It’s amazing, packed with so many activities to spend time with your students learning in a fun and engaging way! I highly recommend it!

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    • So happy you like it Cristina! It was a really fun one to make and use with my students too. Thank you for such kind feedback : )

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