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The Music Activity Pack will help you facilitate communicative practice of Elementary and Intermediate language functions in the context of music.

What is included?

71 pages of differentiated templates with detailed Activity Suggestions.

  • Music Spinner Game & Craft
  • 4 in a row games
  • Connect 4 games
  • Music survey
  • Find Someone Who
  • Music Preferences Info-gap quiz
  • Music Vocabulary Flap Book
  •  4 x mini-card sets

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There is a Possible Language Focus sheet included, as well as a sheet of Other Activity Suggestions with great ideas on other activities you can incorporate into your sessions on the topic. All resources are accompanied by Comprehensive instructions and suggestions on games and ways you can conduct each activity.

Vocabulary includes:
Musical instruments
trombone, xylophone, accordian, harmonica, piano, violin, keyboard, tambourine, guitar, trumpet, bass guitar, maracas, drums, recorder, saxophone
Music genres
electronic, hip hip, heavy metal, rap, rock, classical, reggaeton, flamenco, R&B, jazz, country, folk, reggae, pop, easy listening
Music components & people
orchestra, song, concert, band, headphones, performance, audience, musician, track, stage, speaker, melody, lyrics, artist, singer
Adjectives of description
catchy, interesting, uplifting, depressing, energetic, relaxing, awesome, boring, loud, slow, heavy, quiet, fast, awful, soft
Language functions include:
  • Expressing opinions and giving reasons
  • Requesting opinions
  • Expressing likes and dislike
  • Expressing preferences
  • Talking about ability
  • Talking about past events
  • Making comparisons
  • Talking about frequency

What are the activities?

  • 4 in a row games
A more elaborate version of Tic Tac Toe, these 5 sheets offer practise of the 4 vocabulary sets. Students can play in pairs or teams, making sentences or asking questions to win circles.
  • Connect 4 games
4 boards, each combining two of the vocabulary sets for more challenge. Prompts are included to practise expressing preferences and expressing opinions.
  • Music Survey
Students ask and answer questions to express preferences, likes / dislikes and exchange opinions on the topic of music. Questions are grouped according to the structure included: PREFER, WOULD RATHER, BE (IS, ARE, WAS, WERE). Great for noticing and consolidating grammatical features and patterns, as well as, speaking, reading and listening practise.
  • Find Someone Who
Students have to mingle and ask each other questions to find people who can make the statements true. The statements are designed to generate questions related to likes/ dislikes, preferences, past events and ability.
  • Music Preferences Quiz – What Music Genre Are You?
In this Information-Gap Quiz students take turns asking each other the multiple choice questions and noting their partner’s answers. At the end they add up their partner’s points. The number of points corresponds to a key which tells them their music genre. A fun activity that provides integrated skills practise and also provides good examples of contextualised language use that could be a useful springboard into a language focus slot.
  • Music Vocabulary Flap book
This Music Vocabulary Flapbook is a craft that incorporates several learning opportunities to practise the language in this pack. It can be completed over a series of sessions with a focus on distinct sections or all at once as a revision / consolidation lesson. At the end, the children have a useful record of learning that can be used as a reference tool in future activities or it could even be used as part of a speaking game.
  • Music Spinner Game
This Music Spinner Game is a great way to practise speaking and interactive listening skills while reinforcing all key language functions and topic vocabulary. Students take turns spinning the wheel and following the instructions on the cards. There are 4 types of card: Ask a question, True or False, Express the Sentence & Challenge. See the preview for examples of the cards.
  • Mini-cards
See the included activity suggestions for fun teaching and game ideas to play with these 60 cards divided into 4 sets: Musical instruments, Music Genres, Music Components & People, Adjectives of Description. Instruments come in both picture and text card form.
Please note that this pack is designed for use with children aged 10 upwards but would also be suitable in an adult learner setting.

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