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Help your learners practise present perfect for experience and past simple with this fun halloween song. First teach the song with the handout, then complete one of the 2 worksheets. Finally, your students get creative and make up their own verses. The tune is to the popular camp song, “You’ll never get to heaven”.

What is included?

There is a completed lyrics handout to use as a reference and/or to give to the children to sing the song. The worksheet has two variations: a simpler version with more language support, and a version with less language support.

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What is the language focus?


present perfect for experience + past simple

Verb phrases:

see a witch, meet a ghost, eat bugs, hear a scream, hear a cat, dress-up, watch a film, sing a song, cast a spell, have a party, make a lantern, play a game, say ‘BOO!’

Activity Suggestions

  • Play games to practise verb conjugation before you introduce the song. These could be memory card games or board races.
  • Do irregular verb aerobics. Choose 3 positions, e.g., hands on head, hands on hips, touching toes. Say the three forms of each verb and perform an action for each one. For example:

see = hands on head   saw = hands on hips   seen = touching toes

meet = hands on head    met = hands on hips    met = hands on hips

cast = hands on head    cast = hands on head    cast = hands on head

When the verb form is different, you move to the next position. If the verb form is the same, you don’t change position. Gradually get faster and/or get the students to play teacher.

  • Elicit halloween vocabulary and play ‘Never have I ever’ For example, you say ‘Have you ever watched a zombie film?’, and the students who haven’t seen a zombie film, stand up and say, ‘I have never seen a zombie film’. Make it easier for lower levels by getting them to say ‘Never’ rather than the whole sentence.
  • Cut up the complete lyrics handout into strips, sing the song and have the students put them in order.
  • After the students have invented their own verses, have them teach their verses to each other. They can choose their three favourites to sing altogether as a class, or even as a class performance.


  • Halloween Song have you ever

    I love this ! What a clever idea, I can’t wait to use it.
    Thank you.

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    • So glad you like it! My groups loved making up and performing their own versions. Hope yours do too!

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