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Find more printable and digital resources to help you practise halloween language on these story resource pages:



room on the broom book cover

Room on the Broom | ESL resources

Find storytelling videos, songs, printables and other resources for the popular Room on the Broom story. Get all the ingredients for your lesson in one place.

Meg's Eggs book cover

Meg’s Eggs

Meg, Mog, Owl and DINOSAURS! What a combination!
Great for reviewing colours, shapes and numbers in this fun story of a spell going wrong.

meg-and-mog story

Meg and Mog

The original Meg and Mog story is perfect for halloween. The kids will enjoy the spell that goes wrong and the colourful images. Good as a springboard into clothes, animals and/or food vocabulary.

Where the Wild Things Are book cover - link to story resources page

Where the Wild Things Are

A classic story that stimulates kids’ imaginations. Journey to the land of the Wild Things.
Great for learning animal body parts. You could combine with a focus on nature too.

My Teacher is a Monster book cover - link to story resources page

My Teacher is a Monster

A fun reflection on perceptions, this story can provide a way to talk about behaviours and feelings. It’s also a great story to springboard into body, numbers and school vocabulary.

Go Away big green monster book cover - link to story resources page

Go Away Big Green Monster

Kids love telling the monster to ‘GO AWAY’ bit by bit. Young children learn to overcome their fears of monsters and at the same time, they learn lots of body and descriptive language. See all related resources on this page.

Other Resources

Check out some of these ideas for crafts and things you can make.

More games, songs and stories from LearnEnglish Kids.

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