Dynamic and engaging crafts, worksheets, games and flashcards to teach English to talk about sports and leisure activities.

What is included?

This 184 page Activity Pack contains 8 different resources. Each resource contains several different variations. You can choose the most suitable for the age and level of your young learners, and the skills you want to practise.

What will my students learn?

These resources will help your young learners develop:

  • sports vocabulary
  • leisure activities vocabulary
  • language to express preferences
  • use of present simple
  • use of present continuous

Children are also encouraged to consider their interests, make choices and explore their emotions.

All activities are designed to promote active engagement and interaction, with a particular emphasis on speaking and listening skills.

SEE the Preview for full details of the vocabulary and structures targetted.

Comprehensive Activity Suggestions provide lots of ideas for activities to do before and after, and also give you ideas for interactive ways to conduct the activities for effective language practice.

Through following activities in the pack, children are also encouraged to listen and follow instructions, maintain concentration on a given task, talk about themselves, learn about others and develop social skills.

What are the resources?

  • Flipbooks

Encourage children to think about lots of different sports and leisure activities and how they feel towards them. Allow them to discuss their interests together as a group and express their likes and dislikes. Children will learn about expressing emotions, how it is okay for others to have different interests and then practise fine motor skills through cutting and sticking their flipbook together.

  • Sports and Leisure Fan

Follow the activity suggestions to support children’s knowledge about different sports and leisure activities and build on literacy and vocabulary skills. Once complete, use the fans to play musical statues where children must freeze in a sport or leisure activity pose.

  • Make your own Wordsearches

Different versions of wordsearch are provided to accommodate for different levels of ability. Follow the activity suggestions for more fun games and to further support vocabulary skills. Use the blank templates to enable children to create their very own wordsearches then assemble together in a fun book that you can all share as a group.

  • Spinner Card Game

Children will enjoy helping to assemble the parts of this game before playing in pairs or as a group. Follow the instructions to have lots of fun making sentences, drawing or acting out an activity or guessing whether a sentence is true or false. Brilliant for learning to take turns, follow instructions and building on social skills whilst supporting literacy and increasing children’s knowledge of sports and leisure activities.

  • Dominoes

Six versions of dominoes are provided depending on whether you want learning focus to be on receptive or productive skills, literacy skills or the amount of cutting / colouring / gluing you want to include. Follow the activity suggestions for lots of fun ways to support children’s learning.

  • Matching Cards

Use these cards to play fun matching and memory games.

  • Mini Cards

Mini Cards can be used to play a wide variety of vocabulary and speaking games as well as developing word recognition and literacy skills.

  • Flash Cards

Use in a variety of ways to introduce and practice new language, develop literacy skills or as visual prompts for language games.

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