These FREE School PowerPoint games provide a simple but effective way to practise school vocabulary and phrases. Ideal for Face to Face or Online classes.

What are in these games?

There are 3 groups of slides:

  • The first slide in each group reveals the images in order from left to right. Use it to revise and/or drill the phrases.
  • The next slides ‘hide’ one or more of the images. The children try to recall the image, before you reveal it.
  • Each group ends with a slide ‘hiding’ all of the images. Can they remember them all?!
Instructions including additional game suggestions are on the cover slide.

What images are included?

Slides 2-10:  pencil, crayons, rubber/eraser, pencil sharpener, (coloured) pencils, pens

Slides 11-16:  glue, pencil case, scissors, ruler, notebook, folder

Slides 17-25: computer, keyboard, board, bookshelf, cupboard, desk, window, classroom, playground

You can find engaging worksheets, games, flashcards and crafts in our School Activity Pack. It includes 12 different resources with everything you need to help your young learners communicate basic information about themselves, describe school stationery and their school environment, and practise functional classroom language in a memorable way.

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