I am the Music Man – Flashcards, Mini-cards, Matching Cards

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I am the Music Man flashcards and game card sets starring musical instrumentspets and people vocabulary that you can use in conjunction with the I am the Music Man song or story book OR as part of a unit on music, pets or people. Detailed Activity Suggestions are included with games you can play with the matching and mini-cards. A great resource to have ready for fast finishers too.

Flashcards come in both A4 and A5 sizes and include image and word cards. Optional card backs are included for all card sets.

Musical Instruments:

piano, saxophone, violin, drums, trombone, trumpet, maracas, tambourine, xylophone, recorder, guitar, electric guitar


dog, cat, rabbit, fish, parrot, mouse


(music) man, woman, boy, girl, grandpa, grandma

Please note the I am the Music Man story book is not provided with this resource but is available in major book stores. You can also find storytelling videos, song playlists and other resources on our I Am the Music Man Story Resource Page.


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