Cover showing the completed cover from the All about Me Caterpillar Craft
This fun caterpillar craft is perfect for bringing those ‘getting to know you’ questions to life. It can sometimes be repetitive practising basic (but important) questions with kids. This craft puts a new spin on it and generates a lot of enthusiasm.
The resource includes 22 different questions in a variety of templates to choose from. The detailed Activity Suggestions give you plenty of ideas for what to do before, during and after making the caterpillar craft.

Includes BrE and AmE versions

What is included?

Choose the PDF files to download and print OR choose the editable PowerPoint files if you would like to personalise or alter the text card questions. Whichever download you choose, you will receive both British and American English versions of the resource.

  • Detailed activity suggestions
  • 6 x Individual Question circle templates  – These include 5 question circles, a caterpillar head, legs and antennae on each one.
  • 22 x multiple copy templates – Each template includes 6 identical questions + caterpillar legs and antennae. These may be useful if you are preparing the craft for larger groups.

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