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This Landscapes and Animals Pop-up Book is an easy and fun craft to do with your young learners when you’re working on the topics of nature, animals or landscapes. It also complements the Walking Through the Jungle song/story by Barefoot books too. This activity works well to teach description language and helps develop the children’s understanding of the world around them.

Choose from a range of different templates to vary the level of challenge and develop the language and skills you want to work on. Include literacy work or focus on listening and speaking skills. It’s up to you!

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Contents of the Landscapes and Animals Pop-up book

There are 8 different landscapes and 3 animals per landscape for the kids to choose from.

Detailed Activity Suggestions are included with practical ideas on games and activities to do at all stages of the craft, including before you get started and after you finish.

  • Activity suggestions & language focus
  • 8 x page templates without text
  • 8 x page templates with tracing text
  • 8 x page templates with landscape text + space to write the animal
  • 8 x page templates + space to write the landscape and the animal
  • cover image sheets
  • 3 x sheets of cut-out animals
  • 1 x sheet of tracing text cut-ups
  • 1 x sheet of gapfill text cut-ups with space for the animal
  • 1 x sheet of gapfill text cut-ups with space for the landscape and animal

You can find our instructions for how to put the book together in our How to make a pop-up book video.

Landscapes and animals vocabulary

The images in the text correspond to the following vocabulary. The text templates and cut-outs include the landscape vocabulary.


jungle, river, mountains, ocean, savannah, desert, the arctic, the city


monkey, parrot, tiger, frog, duck, crocodile/alligator, fish, dolphin, whale, turtle, leopard, eagle, goat, camel, lizard, snake, polar bear, seal, fox, giraffe, elephant, lion, boy, girl, cat, bear, wolf, butterfly, spider

Potential structures and phrases

There are a lot of possible structures and phrases that you can work on. See the example affirmative phrases below. Of course, you can integrate questions, negatives and short forms too.

  • There is / There are…
  • It’s an omnivore, herbivore, carnivore
  • It eats…
  • It lives in the…..
  • It can jump, fly, swim, run, crawl, lay eggs, have babies
  • It’s tall, big, small, grey, green
  • It’s a mammal, bird, reptile, amphibian, insect
  • It’s cold, hot, windy, wet, dry
  • I can see…
  • You can find it in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Australasia, Antarctica

You can find other nature resources, song playlists and related stories on our Nature Topic Page.

Get ALL the Kids Club English resources in the Teacher Membership. Incredible value!

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