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The Clothes Activity Pack will help you facilitate communicative practice of clothes vocabulary and language functions such as describing physical appearance, expressing likes / dislikes, expressing plurality, request language and other classroom game and craft dialogues.

What is included?

Over 300 pages of differentiated templates with detailed Activity Suggestions.

  • Playing cards craft
  • Read and colour sheets
  • Colour, read & write sheets
  • Guess Who games
  • Flipbooks craft
  • Bingo games & craft
  • Board games & craft
  • Matching cards, Mini-cards & Flashcards

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There is a Possible Language Focus sheet included, as well as Activity Suggestions for each resource with great ideas about how to conduct the activities in interactive ways to maximise language practice.

Vocabulary items in the Clothes Activity Pack

More frequent items

  • dress
  • jacket
  • shirt
  • trousers / pants
  • shorts
  • skirt
  • socks
  • shoes
  • T-shirt
  • jumper / sweater
  • vest
  • pants / underpants

More specific, esp. footwear

  • flipflops
  • welly boots / rain boots
  • slippers
  • sandals
  • trainers / sneakers
  • boots
  • dungarees / overalls
  • swimsuit
  • swimming shorts
  • pijamas / pajamas
  • boxer shorts
  • coat


  • cap
  • headscarf / hijab
  • woolly hat
  • gloves
  • scarf
  • tie
  • raincoat
  • bag / backpack
  • belt
  • watch
  • sunglasses
  • glasses

What are the activities?

  • Playing cards craft

Kids make their own mini-cards to play in a variety of games in the classroom or at home with their families. Different versions include Completed text + picture, Tracing text + picture, Gapfill text + picture, Picture only, Text only + cut and paste pictures

  • Read and colour sheets
    Read descriptions of people in the 1st person (I’m wearing..) and color the pictures accordingly. 3 different levels with 2 sheets per level.
  • Colour, read & write sheets
    The children color the people images as they wish then personalise the written descriptions. 3 levels of 2 sheets with scaffolded text and 4 sheets at level 4.
  • Guess Who Games
    Play the traditional Guess Who Game. Includes 4 boards of 25 children and 3 sheets of Guess Who playing cards, which could also be used as easier boards for lower levels.
  • Flipbooks Craft
    A multi-layer craft with several templates to choose from. Kids make a fun flipbook where they can mix the heads of different children with different bodies. Follow the Activity Suggestions for a range of different activities to promote language practice.
    This craft could also provide a useful springboard for discussing gender and religion issues.
  • Bingo Games & Craft
    There are 8 small BINGO cards for each set of 12 vocabulary items and 8 large boards incorporating all 36 vocabulary items for a total of 32 bingo boards. Kids can also make their own with the blank boards and find and stick pictures.
  • Board Games & Craft
    There are 4 sets of board games. Each set of board games comes in two versions: pictures or text. The text boards can be used in conjunction with the find and stick pictures to create a literacy focus. There are also blank boards for the kids to create them on. Follow the Activity Suggestions for ideas on adding layers of dynamism to the activity.
  • Matching Cards
    There are 36 matching cards in total, divided into 3 sets. See the game suggestions for fun matching and memory games.
  • Mini-cards
    These cards are excellent for small group and pairwork. There are 12 items per sheet and each item has a separate image and text card with card backs for optional printing.
  • Flashcards
    The 36 clothes items are provided as A5 cards but remember to adjust your printer preferences if you’d prefer to print them in an alternative size.


  • Clothes Activity Pack

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