Furniture and household objects Spot it! Dobble game - resource cover. Fun and effective furniture and household objects practice. Play 5 games with 65 cards. Facilitates game play and classroom language.

Furniture and Household objects
Spot it! Dobble game

Such a fun way to teach ESL kids language to talk about home!

♦ Your young learners will learn useful vocabulary without even realising! Play and learn : )

♦ Includes 65 cards, 5 game instruction cards and card backs.

♦ Flexible and engaging for any stage of your class or even as a fast finisher reward.

♦ A great complement to any story with house and home too!

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What will my students learn?

This is a fast-paced game that really helps children develop their pattern awareness. You can help children build important social and team work skills, especially if you encourage them to help each other out with unknown vocabulary.

In the standard way of playing the game, the player who ‘spots’ a match, has to say the item that matches. With English learners they can say the word in their 1st language or point to the item, BUT they have to ask their classmates or teacher for the English before they can ‘win’ the card. With older or higher level learners, you can make it a rule so that they win points every time they use the English word on their first try.


Fittings:  door, window

Furnituretable, sofa, wardrobe, cupboard, bookshelves (bookcase), bedside table, desk,   chair, armchair, drawers (dresser), bed


Household objects:  fridge, lamp, mirror, washing machine, cooker, TV, microwave, bath, sink,   shower, picture, toilet, clock (alarm clock), plant, bin

What do teachers say about the resources?

Frequently asked questions

Yes, of course! Maybe you have the time and enjoy creating things, but it has to be said that being a young learner teacher can involve a HUGE amount of extra work making materials. Give yourself a break!

All my materials have been tried and tested in the classroom. As well as having almost 20 years of teaching experience, I am also a qualified trainer for the Trinity TYLEC (Teaching Young Learners Extension Certificate), so you can rely on the quality.

This resource doesn’t include a full lesson plan, but it includes instructions for five games and guidance on how to prepare the game cards. You can find links to further resources, songs, games and related stories on the House and Home Topic Resource page.

Yes, of course, although your young learners will be much more engaged playing with this, AND they’re likely to learn much more too!

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