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This free 3D shops craft is perfect for revising core vocabulary for young learners. It also helps your students learn and practise shopping language and vocabulary.

Use this craft as an alternative to worksheet categorising exercises. Kids create an attractive graphic organiser that they can use as a language support in other activities. It works great as a tool for shopping roleplays too. Just add in some simple finger or stick puppets!

Note: This downloads as a ZIP file with 2 pdf files: 1 x British English and 1 x American English.

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What vocabulary does this resource help you practise?

You can choose to focus on some or all of the following. You might even choose to complete the craft in stages over a series of lessons. Follow the Activity Suggestions for ideas on games and activities to do before, during and after the craft.

Shops / Stores

  1. Sports shop/store – a tennis racquet/racket, a surfboard, a football/soccer ball, trainers/sneakers, a yoga mat, goggles
  2. Music shop/store – a microphone, a violin, a flute, a piano, headphones, a guitar
  3. Toy shop/store – a teddy bear, a board game, lego, an action figure, a doll house, a puzzle
  4. Clothes shop/store – a skirt, trousers/pants, a T-shirt, a dress, shorts, a jumper/ sweater
  5. Pet shop/store – a snake, pet food, a collar, dog toys, a goldfish, a hamster
  6. Stationery shop/store – a rubber/eraser, pencils, a sharpener, scissors, pens, a notebook
  7. Sweet shop/ Candy store –  chocolate, jelly sweets/gummies, boiled sweets/candy, a lollipop, bubble gum, liquorice/licorice
  8. Supermarket – cereal, a pizza, vegetables, milk, toilet roll, fish

If you’d like to have a go at making your own 3D crafts on the computer, watch our video tutorial below:

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