Food and Things Flipbooks - mix and match 48 different picture and text combinations, 3 different versions, image of sample pages from the flipbook

These Food and Things flipbook crafts are easy and fun crafts to do with your young learners when you’re working on the topics of food, home or objects in your everyday life. They also complement Ketchup on your Cornflakes by Nick Sharratt too. Kids can work on literacy, vocabulary, expressing preferences, and they can also explore which things go together (or not!)

Choose from a range of different templates to vary the level of challenge and develop the language and skills you want to work on. There are 3 different types of flipbook, all available in colour or black and white and in American English or British English.

Please note this is a ZIP file containing 14 docs. Please get in touch if you need me to email you the files unzipped.

Contents of the Food and Things Flipbook crafts

There are 3 different types of flipbook templates:

  • Completed text (Students don’t have to write the words)
  • Gapfill text (Students spell out the words. They can use the cover text for literacy support.)
  • Match Pictures to text (The teacher or student reads the word and the student sticks the corresponding picture into the box guidelines)

Each of these types comes in black and white and colour. Separate files are provided for American English and British English.

Detailed Activity Suggestions are included with practical ideas on games and activities to do at all stages of the craft, including before you get started and after you finish. 

What vocabulary does this resource help you practise?

You can choose to focus on some or all of the following. You might even choose to have a growing flipbook, with students adding new pages as they learn new language. Just print the pages you and your students need. Each sheet contains 2 flipbook pages with 2 items each.

Food vocabulary

  1. ketchupfries/chips – bananas – yogurt/yoghurt
  2. milk – cereal – icecream – pancakes
  3. lemon – fish – chicken – soup
  4. chocolate – cake – cheese – pizza
  5. nuts – salad – eggs – omelet/omelette
  6. peas – rice – apples – juice

Things and places vocabulary

  1. toothpaste – toothbrush – a hat – head
  2. foot – bath – a teddy – bed
  3. a book – bag – a window – bedroom
  4. a toilet – bathroom – a fridge – kitchen
  5. a computer – living room – a bird – tree
  6. a swing – park – a pencil – pencil case

If you’d like to find out more about how you can use flipbooks in the classroom, check out our article on the Teaching Tips blog: Using Flipbooks to teach English


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