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Jungle Animals Activities Bundle, Complements 'Walking Through the Jungle' and other jungle stories/songs.

Jungle Animals Activities Bundle

12 exciting jungle animals activities ESL kids love. Games, crafts and worksheets that are perfect with Walking Through the Jungle too.

Elmer Activities Bundle. Special Bundle Offers.

Elmer Activities Bundle

12 engaging ESL resources to teach English with Elmer the elephant. Simple games and crafts to keep planning low and learning high.

Places in a Town Pop-up Town Craft Resource cover. Practise places, directions and prepositions. Includes tons of activity ideas for before, during and after. Includes a choice of templates.

Places in a Town Pop-up Craft

A super easy and engaging way to practise town, city and prepositions with ESL kids. Includes different templates for all abilities and skills practice.

Stick Man Activities Bundle

Stick Man Activities Bundle

14 quality timesaving downloads packed with Stick Man activities ESL kids will love: games, crafts, interactive worksheets, and more!

Meg's Eggs Jigsaw Craft cover. Includes 3 jigsaw types for one image. Practise animals, colours, numbers, number recognition.

Meg’s Eggs Jigsaw Craft

A fun, easy way to practise key vocabulary from the Meg’s Eggs story, while also working on counting and numbers. Includes activity ideas.

Meg's Eggs Activities Special Bundle offers

Meg’s Eggs Activities Bundles

Meg’s Eggs Activities that your ESL young learners will love. Printables, Games, Flashcards and Crafts for a lesson or series of lessons.

Meg's Eggs Counting Cauldron Board Games cover. Practise numbers, counting and food vocabulary. Interactive cut and paste as they play. Includes longer and shorter game.

Meg’s Eggs Counting Cauldron Board Games

These Meg’s Eggs board games are super interactive. ESL preschool and primary learners play and collect ingredients to stick in their cauldrons. What spell will they make?!

Skeleton marionettes resource cover. Practise body parts. Complement skeleton stories and songs. Use in drama games. Several templates for different levels. Choose to draw or print the face.

Skeleton marionettes

Super useful for body parts, actions and using with halloween songs and stories. Several templates for different sizes and levels of difficulty.

Meg's Eggs Storytelling cards cover. Simplified text for EFL/ESL learners. Includes 12 cards. Includes prompts for increasing interaction. Comprehension checks.

Meg’s Eggs Storytelling cards

Meg’s Eggs Storytelling cards, adapted for ESL / EFL preschool and primary. Use the prompts on the back for easy interactive storytelling.

From Head to Toe Mini-books. Includes 9 different mini-books with different language/skills practice. Story retelling. Practise key vocabulary and phrases.

From Head to Toe Mini-books

Your ESL kids create their very own From Head to Toe mini-books! Choose from several templates for your skills focus and get your kids super enthusiastic about learning the song from the story.

Zoo Animals dominoes cover. Includes 5 variations for different skills practice. Practise zoo animal and description language. Facilitates language practice both during and after making the game.

Zoo Animals Dominoes

Engaging, effective learning with these ESL Zoo Animals Dominoes and craft. A range of templates for different skills and language practice.

The Enormous Turnip Sequencing Fans resource cover. Use in story retelling during and after the craft. Includes 3 different segment types. Practise key character and story language.

The Enormous Turnip Sequencing fans

Fun, dynamic Enormous Turnip Sequencing fans to teach ESL kids useful character vocabulary and retell the story. Includes different templates so you can easily choose your skills focus.

Jungle Animals Board Games and Craft. Lower and higher level templates. Practise animal, description, numbers and/or movement and sound vocabulary. Includes craft option to create your own board game.

Jungle Animals Board games

These Jungle Animals Board games are perfect for dynamic practice with your ESL kids! They learn super useful animal, description and action language while playing. They can even make their own versions for even more practice.

Meg and Mog Special Bundle Offers

Meg and Mog Activities Bundle

Engaging Meg and Mog flashcards, game cards, jigsaws, bingo and printable games and crafts your ESL kids will love at incredible value.

Halloween Flashcards and game cards cover. Includes flashcards, matching cards and mini-cards. Includes 12 x halloween characters and 12 x animals and objects vocabulary. ncludes game suggestions.

Halloween Flashcards and Game cards

Engaging halloween flashcards and game cards to play with in your ESL classroom. Includes 12 x halloween characters and 12 x animal and objects in 3 different card formats.

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