Pete the Cat: Rocking in my School Shoes

book cover of a cat playing the guitar for Pete the cat rocking in my school shoes

Pete the Cat is just so COOL! A story with beautiful graphics and a catchy song, kids will want to see this book again and again.

This story is perfect for contextualising school vocabulary and routines. Your students will also get lots of exposure to and practice of the present continuous to describe actions happening now. There are also lots of nice phrases that are wonderfully memorable.

You can get your own copy of the book here or watch the storytelling videos.

Note: If you buy the picture book from the affiliate link above, I will earn a small commission.

Kids Club English Resources

This story fits in perfectly with the topic of school. Take a look at our School Topic Resource Page.

Storytelling videos

School songs

Drawing tutorials

Creator of Pete the Cat, shows you how to draw some of the most popular characters in the Pete stories.

Pete the Cat website

Find lots of other Pete videos and printable resources and activities for all of the Pete the Cat books on the official website:

PeteTheCatBooks.com – Pete the Cat Books, Songs & Animated Videos

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