Shopping Activity Pack - Learning language through games, drama and craft

This Shopping Activity Pack is crammed with engaging and dynamic resources to get kids using elementary to pre-intermediate language functions within the topic of shopping. Including communicative surveys, creative chants, games, crafts and a roleplay, your kids will have fun while using language that goes far beyond the topic of shopping itself.

What is included?

This 81 page Activity Pack contains flashcards, mini-cards, reference cards and  8 different resources. Each resource contains different variations. You can choose the most suitable for the age and level of your young learners, and the skills you want to practise.

Includes both British and American English versions of the resources.

These previews show the British English versions. All resources are also provided in American English.

What will my students learn?

The activities create opportunities for children to build vocabulary and:

  • express likes / dislikes
  • talk about frequency
  • talk about events in the past
  • talk about future plans
  • describe objects
  • make decisions
  • make suggestions

SEE the Preview for full details of the vocabulary and structures targetted.

Comprehensive Activity Suggestions provide lots of ideas for activities to do before and after, and also give you ideas for interactive ways to conduct the activities for effective language practice.

What are the resources?

The activities in this pack include:
  • 3D Shop Categories Craft

The children create a simple slot craft that you can use to include 4 or 8 different shops. Use the cut and paste pictures of the shop items to complete the shops. Follow the Activity Suggestions for different ways you can vary the dynamic and include more language practice.

  • Find Someone Who
This classic mingle activity helps your students engage with the topic, exchange opinions and talk about their experiences and habits.
  • Shopping Survey
This worksheet provides opportunities for the children to express habits, frequency, events in the past and future plans related to shopping. The questions are grouped together according to their structure with supporting answer prompts. This can help you encourage your learners to notice grammatical features and patterns if you choose.
  • Disappearing dialogue (PowerPoint file also included)
Follow the Activity Suggestions for interesting ways to introduce and practise the language in a simple exchange between a shop assistant and a customer. This activity introduces them to language which is consolidated in the roleplay, the jumbled sentence races and the shopping chant.
  • Shopping chant
This shopping chant is based on the rhythm from “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt”. Follow the suggestions to teach the chant then follow up with the two different worksheet activities. The children can practise shop and items vocabulary, ‘too’ + adjective, ‘look(s)’ + adjective, will/won’t for spontaneous decisions and ‘going to’ for future plans. At the same time, they can get creative and invent their own verses!
  • Jumbled sentence races
Another fun way to help your students learn vocabulary for shopping situations. Your students will have fun working together to order the sentences and they will assimilate the language without even realising it.
  • Shopping dialogue worksheets
See the Activity Suggestions for different ways you can use these sheets for more reinforcement of the target language. There is also a gapfill variation for further practice.
  • Shopping roleplay – Craft and props
This craft and props resource brings all the shopping dialogue roleplay language to life! The craft activity gives a purpose for the communication. The children make a simple bag and as they play, they ‘buy’ items to stick in their bag. See the tips for before, during and after to get the most out of this fun craft/drama activity.
  • Shop reference sheets
These sheets can be useful throughout your shopping unit. See the Activity Suggestions for different ways you can use them to support learning.
  • Mini-cards
16 photo cards of shops and their corresponding text cards. Includes several suggestions on game you can play to practise the language.
  • Flashcards
Designed in A5 format, these are the same images as in the mini-cards. Perfect for whole class presentation and practice activities and as props for your roleplay.
Please note that the files are included in a ZIP file. After downloading unzip with your favourite ZIP software.

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