Little Red Riding Hood Simplified Story with Audio cover. Image shows the front cover on a tablet.

This Little Red Riding Hood Digital Story with Audio tells the popular story with adapted language, especially for EFL/ESL/EAL students or for beginning readers. Listen and read or read then listen to check.

The language matches that in our other Little Red Riding Hood resources that can help you prepare your learners for a simple drama performance.

What is included?

There are 9 different story cards in this deck for you to use in class, online or to send to your students so they can listen at home.

This resource combines well with our Little Red Riding Hood Folding Craft and Card Set.

Check out the Red Riding Hood Story Resource Page for videos, songs and more.

Try the Playable Preview to get a better idea of how it works.

What will my students learn?

You can use this resource to focus on listening and reading skills. You can also focus on language you are practising with Little Red Riding Hood. This version is adapted so that the story text is broken up into digestible chunks. If you are preparing for a drama performance, this resource helps you introduce and practice the language in context.

This resource is based on the script in the Trinity Stars Stage Two Activity Plan for Little Red Riding Hood by Trinity College London © Copyright Trinity College London 2021.

There are 8 main segments:

  1. Little Red Riding Hood is walking in the wood. She’s going to see grandma. Red Riding Hood.

2. The flowers are dancing. They are dancing in the wood. Look at the flowers! Red Riding Hood.

3. Little Red Riding Hood is knocking at the door.

“Where are you Grandma?

It’s Red Riding Hood.”

4. The Big Bad Wolf

is in Grandma’s bed.

Be careful! Be careful!

Red Riding Hood.

5. It has big eyes!

It has a big nose!

It has big, sharp teeth!

6. Little Red Riding Hood

is running through the wood.

Run away! Run away!

Red Riding Hood.

7. Here is the woodcutter.

He has the Wolf!

Go away! Go away!

Big Bad Wolf!

8. Little Red Riding Hood

is dancing in the wood,

with her grandma and the flowers.

Everything is good!

This resource is published by permission of Trinity College London, the copyright owner.


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