Little Red Riding Hood

Image of Little red riding hood by marshall james

Little Red Riding Hood is a common story across multiple cultures that is quick to capture kids’ imaginations. There are always slight variations and it’s an interesting one to explore the differences with older kids.

This story works particularly well with working on useful story phrases and other common language chunks and expressions, but it also works well as part of a unit on describing peoplefamilies or parts of the body. We particularly love this story as the basis for a simple drama performance. 

See reviews and purchase options here or watch the storytelling videos.

Kids Club English Resources

Storytelling videos

Describing appearance songs

Body parts songs

Trinity Stars Drama Activity Stage Plan

There are some fantastic drama ideas and suggestions for how to prepare for a short performance of Little Red Riding Hood by Trinity College London. The Red Riding Hood Kids Club English resources build on the script provided here and can be used to help prepare your students for a fun and rewarding drama performance.

You can find it here alongside lots of other great activity plans.

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