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Peace at Last Activity Pack cover

The Peace at Last Activity Pack is crammed with differentiated worksheets, games and craft activities to complement Peace at Last by Jill Murphy. Great for supporting teaching of rooms of the house, furniture and house objects, while developing fine motor skills, literacy skills, social skills and understanding of the world. SEE PREVIEW FOR CLOSE-UPS OF COMPLETE CONTENTS.

Activities are specifically designed to allow for differentiation of ability and context and come complete with COMPREHENSIVE ACTIVITY SUGGESTIONS that help promote higher engagement, interaction and language that goes beyond word level.
Find coloring sheets, line matching sheets, 16 page mini-books; sequencing fans; roleplay headbands and puppets; graphing dice; 3D house craft; folding house craft; rooms of the house flipbooks; furniture, objects and character cut-outs; board games; write and draw templates; sequencing cards, matching cards, mini-cards and flashcards.
If you don’t have access to the story, you can find a good collection of storytelling videos and related songs on our Peace at Last Story Resource Page.
This pack includes ALL of the following:
* Colouring sheets – There are 10 different sheets to choose from. See the activity suggestions for fun interactive ways to maximise language practice.
* Line Matching sheets – Choose one of the three options to match the story objects to the rooms in the house. Practise tracing skills, following wiggly lines or drawing lines to match.
* 16 page mini-books – Choose between print and make versions or cut and paste versions. Focus on sequencing, literacy, oral comprehension or production to create fun books that the kids can take home and re-tell the story to their families and friends.
* Sequencing fans – Kids create fun paper fans, while practising key story language. Use only images, only text or a mixture of the two. Follow the suggestions provided for fun ideas on how to incorporate more language while making this craft.
* Roleplay headbands / puppets – Using these templates, children create headbands or puppets. Follow the activity suggestions for ways in which to re-enact the story. These would be great in a mini-performance for their families too.
* Graphing dice – Children make a fun fold out card with a fat caterpillar full of food. Great for practising food vocabulary in the story. Follow the activity suggestions for ways to maximise language practice.
* Board games – Fun games to practise a variety of skills. Either print and play or print, create and play. See the activity suggestions for great ideas for dynamic language practice.
* Graphing dice and graphing templates – Make your rooms of the house dice or get the kids to make their own. Once assembled, follow the activity suggestions to play fun games while practising the target language.
* 3D house craft – An simple and easy craft for kids to make an attractive house. Choose between the completed rooms templates or bare rooms templates. Cut and paste furniture and text labels are included to add another learning stage. Great for use in small world play activities!
* Folding house craft – Kids make this standing house from just one sheet of A4 paper. It seems like magic! Print the completed room templates, labelled room templates or blank room templates to use with the cut and paste furniture and text. Character cut-outs can be used for a fun way to re-tell the story.
* Rooms in the house flipbooks – Make a booklet with rooms of the house, furniture and objects. See the suggestions for activity ideas and create an excellent record of learning. Both double-sided and single-sided templates are available.
* Board games – Fun games to practise a variety of skills. Either print and play or print, create and play. See the activity suggestions for great ideas for dynamic language practice.
* Write and draw templates – a range of templates, with and without guidelines for kids to complete any related project.
* Sequencing Cards – Follow the suggestions for games you can play to consolidate key story language, rooms of the house, furniture and objects. Black and white options are included so that kids can make their own sets and take them home to play with their families. These also work great in literacy stations and for retelling the story in pairs or groups.
* Matching Cards – Use these cards to play fun matching and memory games.
* Mini-cards – Excellent for a range of games and matching tasks. Sets include house and rooms, furniture and objects, characters and animals and times of day. Print multiple sets for pair and small group work.
* Flash Cards – Use in a variety of ways to introduce and practice new language, develop literacy skills or as visual prompts for language games.

The above images demonstrate what is provided in the Peace at Last Activity Pack. Download the preview for a closer look at the pack contents and to see the vocabulary items included: Download Preview The entire pack contains 327 pages of information and resource templates!

Please note the Peace at Last story is not provided with this resource but you can download our FREE Simplified Powerpoint story and find storytelling videos, as well as other related topic based songs from our Peace at Last Story Resource Page.  

Further Details

This activity pack is supplied as a PDF file and is not editable.

Please note that parts of this resource require to be printed and self assembled. For best results Kids Club English recommends that you laminate flash / mini / matching cards for improved durability. Laminating materials are not included. 

If you are interested in helping kids learn English through stories, songs and craft, please get in touch. I’m keen to collaborate with like-minded people and welcome feedback.

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Peace at Last Activity Pack