Meg’s Eggs Activity Pack

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The Meg’s Eggs Activity Pack contains crafts, worksheets, games and cards to complement the Meg’s Eggs story by Helen Nicoll and Jan Pienkowski. Storytelling cards are also included for use WITHOUT THE BOOK. These fun, interactive activities help children learn and revise colours, numbers, 2D shapes, food, animals, dinosaurs and halloween vocabulary while developing fine motor skills, literacy skills, social skills and useful language for the classroom.

Activities are specifically designed to allow for differentiation of ability and context and come complete with COMPREHENSIVE ACTIVITY SUGGESTIONS.

The Meg’s Eggs Activity Pack includes:

The entire pack contains 174 pages of information and resource templates!
  • Numbers jigsaws

Choose one of the three options in either a game or craft activity to make an attractive Meg and Mog jigsaw while practising numbers, sequencing and key language from the strory at the same time.

  • Storytelling cards

Use these cards to tell the story in a simplified interactive way using the prompts on the back of each image. See the activity suggestions for ideas on re-telling the story using the cards.

  • Counting cauldron board games

Choose between a longer and shorter version. While playing children collect ingredients to stick in their cauldron. At the end, the children count up their ingredients and complete the worksheet. They have to decide what their spell makes!

  • Stick puppets

Using these templates, children create stick puppets that they can use in a variety of story retelling activities and games.

  • Colouring sheets

Choose between 6 different worksheets and follow the activity suggestions to make this activity as interactive and language rich as you like.

  • Color by number / shape

Use these worksheets to practise number recognition, shapes, numerals and/or literacy skills. Four versions are included to allow you to differentiate between abilities easily.

  • Make a Meg shapes craft

Children make their very own Meg picture using the shapes. Follow the activity suggestions for ideas on setting up the activity and maximising practise of either receptive or productive skills.

  • Meg’s Eggs storyboards

Choose between 4 different versions of this story board. Excellent practise for sequencing skills, literacy skills and consolidating key language from the story. The suggestions help inspire interactive ways to retell the story.

  • Make a spell draw and write templates

Children can use these templates to make their very own spell. There are a variety of templates with varying levels of writing support. There is also a draw only template for the littlest spell makers.

  • Mini-cards

Excellent for a range of games and matching tasks. Print multiple sets for pair and small group work.

  • Matching Cards

Use these cards to play fun matching and memory games.

  • Flash Cards

Use in a variety of ways to introduce and practice new language, develop literacy skills or as visual prompts for language games.

Please note Meg’s Eggs story is not provided with this resource but is available in major book stores. You can also get our FREE Simplified Powerpoint Story  and access collections of storytelling videos on our Meg’s Eggs Story Resource Page. You’ll find related songs, storytelling videos and other resources there too!


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