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Less planning, more learning! Save time preparing super fun ESL lessons with Meg's Eggs by Helen Nicoll and Jan Pienkowski.

♦ Hours of fun, dynamic activities that you can use with Meg's Eggs story, and teach shapes, colours, animals, food, numbers and a whole lot more.

♦ Flexible materials and activities for 6-10 lessons.

♦ Perfect for mixed age groups or to use across a range of levels.

♦ Pick and choose the activities you want. All the activities are great value at around €1 - €2, with bigger and bigger discounts the more you buy.

♦ Get ALL the activities for just €7.60!

Ready to get ALL of the Meg’s Eggs activities?

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Flashcards and game cards

Perfect for a whole host of whole class, small group and pair practice of your target language.

Meg's Eggs Flashcards and game cards cover. Includes flashcards, matching cards and mini-cards. Includes card sets for story characters, events, emotions, shapes and colours. Includes game suggestions. Have fun learning super useful topic vocabulary and story language with these Meg’s Eggs flashcards and game cards

  • Learn animal, food, colour, shape and emotions language in a fun, dynamic way.
  • Includes game ideas for interactive practise and easy learning.
  • A choice of three card types provide plenty of learning opportunities so your ESL kids never get bored.
  • Perfect for helping you plan engaging and effective lessons so you have structure to your Meg’s Eggs story lessons.

Interactive storytelling and retelling

While you can incorporate retelling with any of the resources on this page, these resources are more specifically designed for retelling and manipulating the story.

Your ESL young learners will acquire more language from the story with multiple retellings. The resources below are super helpful for allowing you to do this in dynamic and fun ways. Empower your young learners to tell the story for themselves (or even add their own unique twist on it!)

Meg's Eggs Storytelling cards cover. Simplified text for EFL/ESL learners. Includes 12 cards. Includes prompts for increasing interaction. Comprehension checks. Make your Meg’s Eggs storytelling sessions more exciting and accessible to your ESL young learners.

  • Especially adapted, simplified text so it’s super easy for you to tell the story in a way that your kids can understand and engage with.
  • Useful prompts on the back tell you exactly what to say AND provide comprehension checks and ways to promote interaction.
  • Super adaptable! Use them in storytelling, games, sequencing activities and more.
  •  Perfect for switching up the dynamics and keeping your kids engaged.

Meg's Eggs Simplified PowerPoint Story cover. Specially adapted for ESL/EFL learners. Tell the story in a dynamic way. Use in games, sequencing and storytelling. Perfect for ESL learners, this version of the story is super easy for your children to understand and learn.

  • Helps you tell the story in an alternative way. Use as well as or instead of the book to incorporate multiple retellings without your kids ever getting bored.
  •  Great for big groups or online. Everyone can see. No peering or jostling to see the pages!
  • Print in small cards and use in sequencing and story retelling.
  •  Play vocabulary games with the key language in the engaging images.

Meg's Eggs Storyboards resource cover. Retell the story. Practise character and story language. Use in play and free play activities and dialogues. Includes activity ideas. These Meg’s Eggs storyboards are perfect for engaging, interactive practice of key story, feelings and animal language. Fun for your ESL kids!

Super easy to differentiate for different ages and abilities – choose from 3 different templates.

♦ Consolidate useful language from the story in a memorable way.

♦ Stretch your older learners with the read and match option

♦ Create stronger connections with the story with fun sequencing games.

♦ Follow the tips and suggestions for fun ways to incorporate full sentences and structures in an interactive and dynamic way.


Meg's Eggs Stick Puppets resource cover. Retell the story. Practise character and story language. Use in play and free play activities and dialogues. Includes activity ideas. These super simple Meg’s Eggs stick puppets are perfect for retelling the story and stimulating play and English practice.

♦ A dynamic and engaging craft to practise story language and use in story retelling.

♦ Helpful cutting guidelines to support your youngest learners.

♦ Includes useful activity suggestions to give you plenty of ideas for how to use them in engaging practice activities.

♦ Review personal questions and greetings with character dialogues.



Worksheets with a twist

Printables that are perfect for introducing and practising key story language. Follow the activity suggestions for dynamic ways to work on receptive and productive skills or even introduce some creativity.

Meg's Eggs Colour by shape or number resource cover. Practise pattern and number recognition. Practise colours and numbers 1 to 10. Includes 4 different variations. ESL kids learn useful shapes, colours and number vocabulary, as well as practising beginning literacy skills.

♦ Choose from 4 different sheets to easily differentiate according to ability, age group, and vocabulary focus.

♦ Helps you practise useful shapes and numbers vocabulary.

♦ Useful activity suggestions give you plenty of ideas to increase interaction, engagement and learning.


Meg's Eggs Make a Meg Shapes Craft cover. Practise colour and shapes vocabulary. Includes a colouring sheet version. Great fine motor skills practice. A simple, effective and low-prep activity to get ESL young learners learning shapes and colour vocabulary.

♦ Choose from a range of templates to easily differentiate according to ability, age and context.

♦ Learn useful shape vocabulary: triangle, square, oval, circle, star, rectangle.

♦ Perfect for fine motor skills practice.

♦ Follow the included tips and suggestions for fun ways to make your lesson even more dynamic.


Meg's Eggs - My Magic Spell - Draw and Write templates cover. Use for creative tasks. Add ingredients and decide what to create. Different templates for different ages and abilities. Hubble bubble! Get kids using their imaginations to create their very own spells!

♦ Personalise your Meg and Mog sessions.

♦ Get creative while activating useful food and animals vocabulary.

♦ Choose from a variety of templates to suit every age and ability.

♦ Great for a classroom display.


Meg's Eggs Colouring sheets. Practise language for key story characters and events. use in story retelling. Includes 6 different pictures. Engaging Meg’s Eggs colouring sheets that are perfect for fun practice of animals, food and story language.

♦ Choose from 6 different sheets to easily differentiate according to ability, age group, and vocabulary focus.

♦ Helps you practise useful food and animal vocabulary.

♦ Useful activity suggestions give you plenty of ideas to increase interaction, engagement and learning AND give you ideas for incorporating story retelling.


Games to make and play

All of these can be made to play before your class, but they are also fantastic for integrating even more language practice because the kids can make their own copies. Super useful for bringing English outside the classroom – your young learners will be so excited to play these at home with their families.

Meg's Eggs Jigsaw Craft cover. Includes 3 jigsaw types for one image. Practise animals, colours, numbers, number recognition. Engaging game and craft fun with Meg’s Eggs jigsaws that help your ESL kids learn useful numbers, animals and colours.

♦ Easy to differentiate for age and ability with 3 different templates.

♦ Use as a game AND a craft activity!

♦ Follow the tips and suggestions for fun ways to incorporate full sentences and story language in an interactive and dynamic way.

♦ Facilitates natural classroom language to talk about ordering, poisition and place.



Meg's Eggs Counting Cauldron Board Games cover. Practise numbers, counting and food vocabulary. Interactive cut and paste as they play. Includes longer and shorter game. Fun, language rich and incorporating multiple skills, your ESL young learners practise vocabulary, counting and create their own spells!

♦ A super interactive way to practise food and animals vocabulary and numbers.

♦ Cater to all ages and abilities with a choice of different board games and procedures.

♦ Low prep. Print and go!

♦ Easy to follow tips and suggestions that give you loads of ideas for different ways to play.


You’ll also get the below free resource in the Meg’s Eggs Activities Bundle:

Meg's Eggs Simplified Story Script Resource thumbnail. Specially adapted for ESL/EFL learners. Use to prepare for drama activities. Perfect for practising your storytelling skills.

Save yourself tons of time and get ALL of these Meg’s Eggs Activities.

Not sure how many resources you need?

Of course it depends on your particular context, but I’d like to give you an idea of how I’ve used them across multiple levels, lessons and age groups. Below is a sample lesson map with the resources.

Note: Another important point worth mentioning is that I also use some of these resources independently rather than alongside the story.

Sample lesson resource map

Lesson 1: Flashcards and game cards (colours for preschool/ storytelling characters for primary); Storytelling with picture book or video; Colouring sheets

Lesson 2: Storytelling cards, Flashcards and game cards (story characters and events), Jigsaws

Lesson 3: Simplified PowerPoint Story; Sequencing with storycards; Storyboards

Lesson 4: Flashcards and game cards (Shapes); Colour by number/shape; Storytelling with picture book

Lesson 5: Flashcards and game cards (small group games); Make a Meg Shapes Craft; Storytelling with storytelling cards (children taking turns)

Lesson 6: Flashcards and game cards (food and animals); Counting cauldron Board Games (+ making spell)

Lesson 7: Simplified Powerpoint story (printed to make small cards for storytelling in groups; Stick Puppets (retelling story)

Lesson 8: Storytelling with picture book or video; Learning stations with different games and storytelling props; My Magic Spell

What’s more, each resource includes different templates so you can differentiate for different levels or repeat the story across year groups but using different templates.

For incredible value, get the complete set:

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, of course! Maybe you have the time and enjoy creating things, but it has to be said that being a young learner teacher can involve a HUGE amount of extra work making materials. Give yourself a break!

All my materials have been tried and tested in the classroom. As well as having almost 20 years of teaching experience, I am also a qualified trainer for the Trinity TYLEC (Teaching Young Learners Extension Certificate), so you can rely on the quality.

Yes! There are a range of templates to choose from within each resource so it’s super-easy to differentiate. The included Activity Suggestions will also give you ideas about how you can conduct the activity so each child can work (play!) to their full potential.

Definitely! (You knew I would say that!) No, but seriously speaking, I started making these resources for just one class but I’ve now used them several times over. I’ve even used them with the same groups in subsequent years, because the different templates allow me to vary the activity and language focus. 

It’s also easily possible to use many of the resources for other topics throughout the year, e.g., shapes, colours, food, Easter

Once you’ve had a chance to use your materials, don’t forget to come back to leave a review. As a thank you, you’ll receive a 20% discount on any other resource : )

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