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Eat-your-Peas-Activity-Pack-Resource-CoverDesigned to complement the story Eat Your Peas, this exciting activity pack is crammed full of interactive printable worksheets, crafts, games and activities that focus on food, daily routines and places in a town language. While the activities are primarily designed to facilitate English language acquisition, they are also valuable materials to develop fine-motor skills, social skills and understanding of the world.
These activities are the perfect complement to the very entertaining book, Eat your Peas by Kes Gray and Nick Sharratt, however the activity pack can also be used independently as part of a unit focused on food, daily routines and/or places in a town. Activities are specifically designed to allow for differentiation of ability and context and come complete with COMPREHENSIVE ACTIVITY SUGGESTIONS.Download PreviewThe entire pack contains 379 pages of information and resource templates! This pack includes ALL of the following:

  • Colouring Sheets – Choose from a variety of sheets depending on ability and learning focus. Use the activity suggestions for extended learning ideas, and ways to integrate more language practice.
  • Counting sheets – Choose from a range of templates to help children practise counting, number recognition and food vocabulary, as well as fine motor-skills.
  • Food preferences flipbook – Children make decisions about how they feel about different foods and create an excellent personalised book that is perfect for developing discussions about food and healthy eating.
  • Food and me sheets – A range of simple but effective worksheets that children use to create clear visual representations of how they feel about different foods. Perfect for exploring relationships with food and developing understanding of similarities and differences in taste.
  • Places in a town board games – Choose from a variety of boards depending on level of difficulty and level of interactivity. You can simple print and play or conduct a craft activity with each child designing their own board. Use the activity suggestions for ideas on how to use the game to practice a variety of different vocabulary and grammar.
  • Daily routines dominoes – An excellent versatile resource that includes several different templates. This allows you to easily differentiate between different learners and tailor the skills focus to your context and needs. You can focus on routine language recognition, literacy skills, fine motor skills and working with others. Playing with their finished dominoes will encourage children to interact with one another and take part in a variety of learning games as described in the activity suggestions. Perfect for getting parents involved too.
  • Mini-book – Using the templates, follow the instructions to make one, two or three different books! Children can play the games suggested whilst practising their folding, cutting and sticking skills then use their finished book to retell the story.
  • Graphing dice and graphing templates – Using the variety of templates provided encourage children to practise their colouring, cutting and sticking skills. Once assembled, follow the activity suggestions to play fun games while practising the target language of your choosing.
  • Pop-up town craft – Use the most suitable templates for the children in your care to build this fun town model. This is perfect for follow-up games and activities that focus on the vocabulary, giving directions or prepositions of movement or place.
  • Matching Cards – Use these cards to play fun matching and memory games.
  • Mini-cards – Excellent for a range of games and sequencing tasks. Print multiple sets for pair and small group work.
  • Flashcards – Use in a variety of ways to introduce and practice new language, develop literacy skills or as visual prompts for language games.

Please note the Eat Your Peas story is not provided with this resource but is available in major book stores.  

See the preview for the SUGGESTED LANGUAGE FOCUS, to see the complete list of vocabulary items included in the card sets.

Visit the Eat your Peas Story Resource Page for more Eat Your Peas videos, Songs & Crafts!

Further Details

This activity pack is supplied as a PDF file and is not editable.

Please note that parts of this resource require to be printed and self assembled. For best results Kids Club English recommends that you laminate flash / mini / matching cards for improved durability. Laminating materials are not included. 

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Eat Your Peas – Activity Pack
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