Body Parts – “I have..Who has..?” Game and Craft

Body Parts- I have who has game and craft

Simply print and play one of two sets OR choose one of the variations for the kids to make their very own version of the game. Double the learning, double the fun!

Kids can match pictures to text or text to pictures. You can also omit text altogether if you prefer to focus exclusively on oral recognition and production.

Set 1 includes: head, eye, ear, mouth, teeth, nose, hair, arm, legs, foot, knee, hand, shoulders, back, stomach

Set 2 includes: knees, fingers, heel, hips, wrist, eyebrow, waist, toe, ankle, forehead, nails, elbow, chest, tongue, teeth

Card backs are included for reverse-side printing and activity suggestions are included for further games you can play with the cards.

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