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Find more printable and digital resources to help you practise body language on these story resource pages:

Body songs


Book cover for it's mine! by Rod Campbell

It’s Mine!

It’s mine! by Rod Campbell is perfect for teaching vocabulary for zoo animals, body parts, sentences with ‘can’ and useful phrases, especially ‘It’s mine!’

Image of Little red riding hood by marshall james

Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood is a classic that most children know. Apart from exploring the possible messages in the story, kids can learn about family, emotions, nature and body parts.

What do You DO with a tail like this - link to story resources page

What Do You Do With a Tail Like This?

Kids guess which animal the various body parts belong too then learn about the amazing ways the animals use their eyes, nose, ears, tail etc. A great real-life picture book that will interest kids as they learn about animals, body parts and the 5 senses.

Where the Wild Things Are book cover - link to story resources page

Where the Wild Things Are

A classic story that stimulates kids’ imaginations. Journey to the land of the Wild Things.
Great for learning animal body parts. You could combine with a focus on nature too.

The Gruffalo's child book cover - link to story resources page

The Gruffalo’s Child

This story build’s on the popular Gruffalo story and gives kids plenty of opportunities to build language to describe appearance. Great for body parts and vocabulary for forest animals.


The Gruffalo

This popular story will be familiar to a lot of kids in their first language. This makes it perfect for building their language in English. A good story for consolidating body parts, describing appearance and talking about forest animals.


Ten Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

A classic catchy song that kids love. Who doesn’t love jumping on a bed?! See the related resources to help kids acquire language for numbers, counting and body parts.

My Teacher is a Monster book cover - link to story resources page

My Teacher is a Monster

A fun reflection on perceptions, this story can provide a way to talk about behaviours and feelings. It’s also a great story to springboard into body, numbers and school vocabulary.


From Head to Toe

From Head to Toe is a fantastic picture book that kids can interact with easily. Kids enjoy joining in with the question and answer running through the book: “Can you do it?”; “I can do it!” It is also a great book for learning the parts of the body, actions and, of course, animals.

Monkey Puzzle book cover - link to story resources page

Monkey Puzzle

Monkey Puzzle (also known as “Where’s my Mum?”) by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler is a firm favourite with children in our classes. See our resource page to help kids learn body parts, adjectives and describing ability and actions, as well as jungle animal vocabulary.

Go Away big green monster book cover - link to story resources page

Go Away Big Green Monster

Kids love telling the monster to ‘GO AWAY’ bit by bit. Young children learn to overcome their fears of monsters and at the same time, they learn lots of body and descriptive language. See all related resources on this page.

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