Actions and Animals Song Flipbook Resource Cover. Practise actions and animals vocabulary. Includes engaging lesson stage ideas. Learn useful language chuncks. Differentiate with a choice of quality templates.

Animals and Actions Song Flipbook

A dynamic and engaging ESL teaching resource that will really motivate your ESL kids to use English.

♦ Create an incredible number of animal and action combinations with 24 different animals and 12 different actions.

♦ Includes tons of ideas for engaging activities before, during and after making the craft.

♦ Choose from 6 different template sets - so easy to differentiate for different ages, skills and time available in your context.

♦ Not just for one lesson. This is a craft you can use in revision and speaking activities again and again!

♦ The perfect activity to go with Never Tickle a Tiger by Pamela Butchart.

Ready for some animals and actions song flipbook fun? Get your templates and lesson ideas here:

Or get EVERYTHING in the Teacher Membership. Incredible value!

The perfect ESL Teaching Resource to use with Never Tickle a Tiger by Pamela Butchart

What will my ESL young learners learn?

Animal vocabulary

snake, peacock, flamingo, elephant, turtle, lion, monkey, frog, parrot, tiger, bear, alligator, hedgehog, walrus, fish, sloth, penguin, bird, skunk, hippo, polar bear, panda, rhino, fox

Actions vocabulary

bounce, dance, run, skip, punch, swim, kick, jump, poke, tickle, wriggle, bite

Language structures

Present perfect for experience: Have + past participle

  • Have you ever seen……? Yes, I have. No, I haven’t.

‘Can’ for ability

Can you bounce? Can a snake dance? Yes, I can. Yes it can. No, I can’t. No, it can’t.

Useful phrases

‘This way’, ‘That way’

Classroom language

I don’t know. How do you say…?

What is it? What’s this? What’s that?

Where’s the….? Can you see the…? Can you find the…?

Can I have…? Yes, Here you are. Thank you. You’re welcome.

Paper, card, colours, pens, pencils, crayons, pens, rubber, glue, scissors

Cut, glue, colour, fold

Language skills


  • Understand and identify vocabulary and short phrases.
  • Understand simple descriptions.
  • Follow simple instructions.


  • Sing a song about experience
  • Talk about actions they can and can’t do
  • Ask people for and give people things.

Reading and Writing:

  • Match written words to pictures
  • Copy or spell words for pictures

Developmental skills

  • Use fine motor skills to complete a task.
  • Interact with others effectively by listening and responding.
  • Learn how to take turns and work as part of a group.
  • Share experiences and opinions with others.

What do teachers say about the resources?

Frequently asked questions

Yes, of course! Maybe you have the time and enjoy creating things, but it has to be said that being a young learner teacher can involve a HUGE amount of extra work making materials. Give yourself a break!

All my materials have been tried and tested in the classroom. As well as having almost 20 years of teaching experience, I am also a qualified trainer for the Trinity TYLEC (Teaching Young Learners Extension Certificate), so you can rely on the quality.

Yes! They work great for mixed aged groups and different abilities because they come with different templates AND different suggestions with how to use the resource. No time wasted on adapting different worksheets!

The provided activity suggestions give you all the steps you need to create the heart of your lesson. Depending on the time you have available, you might like to add in a story or another game. The Never Tickle a Tiger Flashcards and Game cards go perfectly with this resource.

You can certainly find some free worksheets out there, but I can guarantee your young learners will be much more excited to create this. Engaged and motivated children make for a happy lesson (and teacher!)

Once you’ve had a chance to use your materials, don’t forget to come back to leave a review. As a thank you, you’ll receive a 20% discount on any other resource : )

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