Stick Man Listen and Choose Digital cards. Use on any digital device. Great for independent practice! Practise useful story language. Practise literacy skills.

Use in the classroom, online or as independent practice at home. These interactive digital task cards help kids develop their oral comprehension, and build their vocabulary.

What is included?

There are 15 different task cards. Kids listen to the audio and choose the corresponding picture from the simplified Stick Man storyThe story images are out of order and the images are often quite similar so it really makes the children listen carefully to choose the right one.

The audio is recorded in Scottish Standard English. The images are the same as those in The Stick Man Digital Audio Story.

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What will my students learn?

This resource will help your young learners with recognition of key story vocabulary. It also helps with the consolidation of useful structures and phrases. Useful phrases that the kids can learn include: “Be careful!”, “Look at me”, “I want to..” and “I’m (not) a (stick)”. It’s also a good version of the story to internalise sentence structures such as Subject, Verb, Object, ‘There is/are’ and the verb ‘to be’.

Try the Playable Preview to get a better idea of how it works.


Boom Cards are self-grading, DIGITAL TASK CARDS that you play on the Boom Learning website. They are easy and fun to use and make it easy to differentiate for individual learners so every child experiences SUCCESS. You will receive a link to the task cards on the Boom Learning website when you download the files in this resource. You will be asked to sign into your account or create a free account. All purchased decks can be found in your Library. Boom Cards play on modern browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge). Apps are available for Android, iPads, iPhones, and Kindle Fires. Use this resource on a tablet, computer, or Smartboard!

· No printing, cutting, laminating BUT you can print them if you choose

· Interactive

· Self-grading (grading is not relevant to this resource)

· Use with internet-connected devices: computers, tablets, phones, Smartboards

· Data tracking with paid subscription

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