Shark in the Park - Find and Colour cover. Use in story retelling. Practise key story vocabulary. Includes 2 different versions.

Shark in the Park Find and Colour

Engaging Shark in the Park colouring sheets with a difference. These retain the magic of the reveal and work great for easy story retelling.

♦ Choose from 2 different versions for easier and more difficult folding.

♦ Includes all key story elements (plus extra!), so you can activate the story language easily and effectively.

♦ Useful activity suggestions give you plenty of ideas to increase interaction, engagement and learning.

♦ Great for interactive story retelling - more language, more memorable!

Ready for some sharky colouring fun? Get your templates and lesson ideas here:

Or get them in the Shark in the Park Activities Bundle. Incredible value!

What will my ESL young learners learn?

Apart from the vocabulary, these templates are great to help you practise useful phrases in the story too. They’ll get plenty of listening practice with the interactive story retelling dictation as they complete the craft, then can practise their speaking playing with it afterwards.

Don’t forget the valuable classroom language you’ll be helping them learn. See a summary below:

Story characters and items

boy, dad/man, crow/bird, cat, shark, duck, pond, telescope, park, tree, flowers

Other related story items 

girl, dog, bat

Story phrases

Timothy Pope, Timothy Pope, looking through his telescope,

He looks at the sky,  (He looks up,)

He looks at the ground,  (He looks down,)

He looks left and right, He looks all around,

And this is what he sees…


Oh no! It’s just a ……



e.g. It’s a (cat). It’s not a shark. It isn’t a shark.

adverbs ‘just’ and ‘only’

e.g. It’s just a dog. It’s only a bird.

has/has got

e.g. A cat has got a tail. Dad has long hair.


Game and activity language

Where’s the…? It’s here. It’s there. Is it…? Yes, it is. No, it isn’t. What is it? It’s a.. It’s…Can you find the…? I can see a… Can I have..? Here you are. Thank you. You’re welcome. Colours, crayons, pens, pencils,  paper, card, fold.

What do teachers say about the resources?

Frequently asked questions

Yes, of course! Maybe you have the time and enjoy creating things, but it has to be said that being a young learner teacher can involve a HUGE amount of extra work making materials. Give yourself a break!

All my materials have been tried and tested in the classroom. As well as having almost 20 years of teaching experience, I am also a qualified trainer for the Trinity TYLEC (Teaching Young Learners Extension Certificate), so you can rely on the quality.

Yes! They work great for mixed aged groups and different abilities because they come with different templates AND different suggestions with how to use the resource. No time wasted on adapting different worksheets!

The provided activity suggestions give you plenty of ideas to create a fun and engaging lesson for your young learners. Add in the storytelling with the book or video, and a vocabulary game or two, and you’re ready to go!

You can certainly find some free colouring sheets out there, but it’ll be tough to find ones that exactly match the vocabulary in the story.

This resource is specifically designed to enable story retelling too.

I can guarantee your young learners will be much more excited to create this. Engaged and motivated children make for a happy lesson (and teacher!)

Once you’ve had a chance to use your materials, don’t forget to come back to leave a review. As a thank you, you’ll receive a 20% discount on any other resource : )

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