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Dynamic and engaging crafts, worksheets, games and flashcards to teach English with Shark in the Park by Nick Sharratt.

What is included?

This 213 page Activity Pack contains 13 different resources. Each resource contains several different variations. You can choose the most suitable for the age and level of your young learners, and the skills you want to practise. Every resource helps you include plenty of speaking and listening opportunities for a memorable and fun learning experience.

What will my students learn?

These resources will help your young learners with these language points:

  • people and family vocabulary
  • animal vocabulary
  • prepositions of place
  • colour vocabulary
  • numbers vocabulary
  • useful story phrases: He looked up, He looked down, He looked all around, What did he see?, There’s a SHARK in the park!
  • craft and game language

At the same time, they’ll develop their fine motor skills, literacy skills, social skills and develop their understanding of the world.

SEE the Preview for full details of the vocabulary and structures targetted.

Comprehensive Activity Suggestions provide lots of ideas for activities to do before and after, and also give you ideas for interactive ways to conduct the activities for effective language practice.

What are the resources?

The Shark in the Park Activity Pack includes:

The entire pack contains 213 pages of information and resource templates!
  • Colouring Sheets

Choose from a variety of sheets depending on ability and learning focus. Use the activity suggestions for extended learning ideas, focusing on colours, numbers, animals or word recognition.

  • Find and Colour
Choose one of the templates and follow the suggestions to re-tell the story using a colouring activity. These worksheets vary in terms of difficulty. See the activity suggestions for a variety of ways to conduct this activity in an interactive way.
  • Make a Telescope
Make a telescope following the directions and then play and practise with one or more of the suggested activities.
  • Shark family Stick Puppets
Use the templates to make your very own shark family and follow the activity suggestions to sing and dance along to the popular Baby Shark song.
  • Find and Stick Craft
Children can use the templates to create their very own Shark in the Park scene. Use the activity suggestions provided to play fun games that will support animal recognition and promote vocabulary skills.
  • Graphing dice and graphing templates
Using the variety of templates provided encourage children to practise their colouring, cutting and sticking skills. Once assembled, follow the activity suggestions to play fun games while practising the target language of your choosing.
  • Jigsaw Display Mural
Encourage children to work together to colour and assemble this attractive wall display. Add further to the display with the find and stick picture templates and follow the activity suggestions for fun memory and language practice activities.
  • Display borders
Print and use these fun borders and posters featuring Timothy Pope to create an attractive wall display for your setting.
  • Mini-book
Choose from 3 different templates, then follow the instructions to make your very own Shark in the Park Mini Book. Children can play the games suggested whilst practising their folding, cutting and sticking skills then use their finished book to retell the story.
  • Write and Draw templates
Use the most suitable templates for the children in your care for writing or drawing tasks associated with the story or language focus. Different writing guidelines are provided to vary the level of support needed. Perfect for a nice creative project related to the story.
  • Matching Cards
Use these cards to play fun matching and memory games.
  • Mini-cards
See the suggested games children can play while also developing word recognition and literacy skills.
  • Flashcards
Use in a variety of ways to introduce and practice new language, develop literacy skills or as visual prompts for language games. They also include visual prompts to help children re-tell the key refrain that runs throughout the story.
Please note the Shark in the Park story is not provided with this resource but you can find storytelling videos, as well as other related topic based songs from our Shark in the Park Story Resource Page.  


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  • An unbelievable experience

    Wow! I used this resource for one of my labs and it has been explosive.
    Children were super excited and of course, I was as well!
    Nothing to complain about! Great work!

    96 of 189 people found this review helpful.

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    • Thanks for such a lovely review Daiana! It sounds like your labs are really fun. Glad that these materials contributed.

      96 of 186 people found this review helpful.

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  • Shark in the Park

    I love the resources and the kids seemed to enjoy too. I had a hard time today with a mixed-age group (from 6 to 14!), but the abundance of differentiated activities Fiona offers made it much easier for me to make the time spent together meaningful.

    92 of 189 people found this review helpful.

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    • Thank you so much for leaving a review Veronika! I’m so pleased the activities were useful. I often have mixed age groups aswell, so being able to pick and choose but having the kids working together is important for me too.

      97 of 199 people found this review helpful.

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