Body Parts Monster Dominoes cover. Lower and higher level templates. Includes 6 variations for different skills practice. Facilitates language practice both during and after making the game.

Body Parts Monster Dominoes

Have a monstrously good time learning body parts across a range of levels and abilities.

♦ Engaging games and craft activities that really get your ESL young learners learning parts of the body in a natural way.

♦ Several options that make it super easy for you to choose the level of difficulty appropriate for your particular students.

♦ Super easy to target specific skills with a choice of templates - literacy, listening, speaking, pattern recognition and more!

♦ Print and play OR use the included Activity Procedures to include even more practice while they make their very own copies of the game.

Ready for Body Parts Monster Dominoes fun? Get your templates and lesson ideas here:

Or get them in one of the Go Away Big Green Monster Activities BUNDLES. Best value!

Note: This is a ZIP file including separate pdfs for black and white and colour.

What will my ESL young learners learn?

There are several variations so you can easily differentiate the skills practice. Choose the word to word or word to picture options if you want to practise literacy skills, or choose the picture to picture options for children who aren’t reading yet.

Focus on basic body and face vocabulary or stretch your learners further with more specific body items. The ‘make your own’ dominoes sets allow you to provide even more practice as they make their own copies of the dominoes to take home and play.

Depending on how you conduct the activity, your students also get plenty of practise of their listening and speaking skills. Working on has/has got? These work great to get them acquiring this structure too.

Don’t forget the valuable classroom language you’ll be helping them learn. See a summary below:

Lower level templates

eyes, mouth, ear, nose, head, face, neck, shoulders, tummy, leg, knee, hand, arm, feet

Higher level templates

ALL OF THE ABOVE + chin, elbow, fingers, toes, ankle, bottom, wrist, eyelashes, eyebrow, cheeks, tongue, foot, hair, teeth


  • Has/ has got: e.g. It has got four legs; It has three toes, etc.
  • Verb ‘to be’: e.g. It’s an arm. It is blue, etc.

Game and activity language

It’s my turn. It’s your turn. Whose turn is it? I can’t play. I have one. Knock knock. I pass.

Where’s the…? What is it? What’s this? What’s that? Can you find the… I can see a… Collect the… Go to the…

Can I have..? Here you are. Thank You. You’re welcome.

Colours, scissors, paper. Cut, follow the lines.

What do teachers say about the resources?

Frequently asked questions

Yes, of course! Maybe you have the time and enjoy creating things, but it has to be said that being a young learner teacher can involve a HUGE amount of extra work making materials. Give yourself a break!

All my materials have been tried and tested in the classroom. As well as having almost 20 years of teaching experience, I am also a qualified trainer for the Trinity TYLEC (Teaching Young Learners Extension Certificate), so you can rely on the quality.

Yes! They work great for mixed aged groups and different abilities because they come with different templates AND different suggestions with how to use the resource. No time wasted on adapting different worksheets!

The provided activity suggestions for pre, during and after the craft give you all the steps you need to create a fun and engaging lesson for your young learners. 

You can certainly find some free worksheets out there, but I can guarantee your young learners will be much more excited to create this. Engaged and motivated children make for a happy lesson (and teacher!)

Once you’ve had a chance to use your materials, don’t forget to come back to leave a review. As a thank you, you’ll receive a 20% discount on any other resource : )

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