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Image of yellow bus, orange car and text: transport activity pack and differentiated worksheets, games, crafts and card sets

Transport Activity Pack

Differentiated worksheets, games and crafts to help practise transport vocabulary in a fun way. Perfect to support teaching with We All Go Travelling By by Sheena Roberts and Siobhan Bell.



We All Go Travelling By book cover

We All Go Travelling By

We All Go Travelling By is a catchy and colourful song story that is perfect for teaching about different types of transport. Kids learn colours, useful phrases in the chorus and descriptive words too!

Seals on the Bus book cover - link to story resources page

The Seals on the Bus

This picture book based on the Wheels on the Bus song is easy for kids to join in with. Kids enjoy predicting the next animal and the funny pictures. Good for learning animal language. What other animals could go on the bus? What sound do they make?

Oi Get Off Our Train book cover - link to story resources page

Oi! Get Off Our Train! | ESL Resources

Oi! Get Off Our Train is the story of a boy who has a dream about a train ride with his dog. They meet lots of endangered animals along the way. This story is a good springboard into topics such as transport, nature and the environment, animals and the weather.

Digital Transport Games

Play these transport games directly on mobile, tablet, computer or interactive whiteboard. Pause the timer by clicking on the time in the top right corner.

Flip Tiles

Each tile has a transport item from We All Go Travelling By. The pictures match the colours from the book, so you can practise them too. See below for some teaching ideas.

  1. Choose and say – Nominate a child to choose a colour and identify the item (or use click the ‘Random Spinner’ button. Encourage full sentences or go even further. The whole class could sing that part of the song, travel around the room pretending to be in that item of transport.
  2. What’s Missing? – Get the children to turn around. Press ‘eliminate’ on one of the tiles. Can they identify what’s missing?
  3. Memory challenge – Tap the settings icon in the bottom left. Choose ‘Show all tile backs’. Give the children a minute to look and try to remember where everything is. Tap settings again and choose ‘Show all tile fronts’. Can the children remember where everything is?
  4. Spin and find – Mix things up! Play both games at once. Spin the Random wheel below, then try to find the tile with that item.

Random Wheel

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