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Town and City Songs


Book cover for Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell. Picture of a lion in a red crate

Dear Zoo

Dear Zoo is a classic lift the flaps book that is still a favourite with kids today. Great for learning about different zoo animals, adjectives and colours. It’s also a good one for acquiring basic sentence structure.


Eat your Peas

Kids really connect with Daisy in this story. They love talking about their likes and dislikes and what would convince them to eat their most hated foods. Perfect for developing food, daily routines, places in a town and conditional language.

old-macdonald-had-a-zoo-story resources-page-efl-esl

Old Macdonald Had a Zoo

Old MacDonald Had a Zoo is a fun twist on the traditional children’s rhyme. The illustrations in this song story are very engaging. This is a great story to build on animal vocabulary in a memorable way. Add actions too for added fun.


Goodnight Gorilla

Follow the gorilla around the zoo as he lets each animal out of its cage! This is a funny and enjoyable story with a simple but effective storyline. It’s a good story to practise greetings and animal vocabulary and phrases such as ‘I’m sleepy’, ‘I’m not sleepy!’

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