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Eat your Peas

Kids really connect with Daisy in this story. They love talking about their likes and dislikes and what would convince them to eat their most hated foods. Perfect for developing food, daily routines, places in a town and conditional language.

Seals on the Bus book cover - link to story resources page

The Seals on the Bus

This picture book based on the Wheels on the Bus song is easy for kids to join in with. Kids enjoy predicting the next animal and the funny pictures. Good for learning animal language. What other animals could go on the bus? What sound do they make?


The Three Billy Goats Gruff

The Three Billy Goats is a really fun story to do with kids. They can join in easily with our adapted telling of the story and learn some really useful phrases. It’s a nice way to focus on nature and appearance language too.

Oi Get Off Our Train book cover - link to story resources page

Oi! Get Off Our Train!

Oi! Get Off Our Train is the story of a boy who has a dream about a train ride with his dog. They meet lots of endangered animals along the way. This story is a good springboard into topics such as transport, nature and the environment, animals and the weather.


Children Make Terrible Pets

Children make Terrible Pets turns the idea of having a pet on its head. Imagine if an animal had a human for a pet! It’s a great springboard into several topics, including animals, home, family and responsibility. It’s also a good story to introduce and practise prepositions.

shark in the park book cover and link to story resource page

Shark in the Park

Shark in the Park is the fun story of a boy playing in the park with his telescope. Excellent for helping kids learn complete sentences with ‘There is/There are’, it’s also great for prepositions. Best of all, it lends itself well to play and exploring the world around them.