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Image of Little red riding hood by marshall james

Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood is a classic that most children know. Apart from exploring the possible messages in the story, kids can learn about family, emotions, nature and body parts.


Peace at Last

Will Daddy Bear get some sleep?!
Peace at last is perfect for practising house and home vocabulary. This page also includes a fun video about Steve’s house.

Stick Man book cover

Stick Man

Will Stick Man make it back to his family for Christmas?
Focus on family, weather, seasons and animals vocabulary. It’s also a great story for describing purpose. What uses can they imagine for a stick?

The Rainbow fish book cover - link to story resources page

Rainbow Fish

A beautiful story about sharing and friends. The story lends itself well to colour and number vocabulary. How many scales does the Rainbow fish have? How many special scales do the other fish have?

The Giving Tree book cover - link to story resources page

The Giving Tree

A beautiful story about generosity and helping others. Follow the life of the boy and his relationship with the tree. A bit more serious than most children’s stories, but definitely a valuable one. Talk about helping others, nature and/or family & friends.

The Enormous Turnip book cover - link to story resources page

The Enormous Turnip

A classic story that is full of useful repetition. See our resources for helping kids acquire language related to friends and family, pets and food. Teaching with this story is great for learning lots of useful phrases too.

The Cow That Went OInk book cover - link to story resources page

The Cow That Went Oink

A wonderful story about a cow and a pig who are different from the rest. Great to talk about the importance of not laughing at others for being different. Kids can learn useful farm animal vocabulary and language to talk about feelings and emotions.

We're going on a bear hunt

We’re Going On A Bear Hunt

One of our favourites, this story captivates little (and not so little!) minds. Rich in language, kids will learn useful phrases and language to talk about feelings, nature, family & friends and more.

Penguin book cover


A lovely story about a boy who gets a penguin for a present. it ties in very nicely to Christmas or other celebrations with gift giving. Connect to topics of friendship and expressing feelings and emotions.

Papa bring me the moon book cover - link to story resources page

Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me

A magical story about a Dad who gets the moon for his little girl.
See our resource page for some great songs that connect well with this story and help kids learn about the moon.

Owl Babies book cover - link to story resources page

Owl Babies

Owl Babies tells the tale of three baby owls who are waiting for their Mum to come home. Young children will identify with the littlest owl’s cries for his Mum: ‘I want my Mum!!’
This story is a nice springboard into feeling and emotions language. It is also a nice link into a project on the forest and learning about forest animals.

It's Not Fair book cover - link to story resources page

It’s not Fair

It’s Not Fair is a story that all children with brothers or sisters can identify with. This story connects well to the topics of Family and Daily Life.