Classroom Management Tools

Take the stress out of teaching your ESL young learners with these helpful classroom management tools. Use the song playlist to help you identify favourite routine songs to help you with transitions and different lesson stages. There are also some helpful articles where I’ve shared tips from my experience in the young learner classroom. Looking for more? Contact me to make your requests.

Class record book - fully editable. Reflective learning, Getting to Know You, Teacher feedback, Behavior accountability, Language support

Class Record book - 8 years +

A super useful mini record book that your kids will love, feel proud of, and help you manage your classes.

♦ Perfect for setting expectations at the beginning of the year or term.
♦ Gives you a clear insight into how THEY feel about THEIR learning.
♦ Excellent record keeping helps you involve families
♦ Helps foster reflective learners.
♦ Fully editable.

Class Record Book for non-literate learners - resource cover. Fully editable. Includes refelective learning, getting to know you, lesson feedback, behaviour accountability and language support.

Class Record book - non-literate learners

Follow the Activity Suggestions for activities to establish classroom rules and to learn more about your little learners.

Record pages are super easy to complete:
♦ Colour the picture(s) of the activities they liked the most.
♦ Colour the smiley face according to how much effort they think they put in that day.

Getting to know you card sets cover

Getting to Know You Card Sets

Not just for the start of the year! These cards are great for using in your classroom routines.

♦ Makes practising basic personal questions fun.
♦ Questions align with international young learner speaking exams.
♦ Really helpful for getting the kids to practise more independently. You're free to monitor and prompt.
♦ Perfect for opening and closing routines or fast finishers.

images of the different visual prompt cards for cut, color, draw etc.

Picture Directions Prompt Cards

Never get in a flap again! Think about all the times you've been trying to help one child with something, while at the same time, you have lots of other children asking you what to do next. They're all at slightly different stages and there's only one of you!

♦ Helps kids become more independent.
♦ Fantastic for non-literate learners.
♦ So easy to create a simple activity sequence.
♦ Use in games to teach key classroom language too!

Picture of 4 children sitting at a table in a classroom laughing and smiling with title: Classroom Expectations Visuals - Posters, Flashcards and Game cards

Classroom Expectations Visuals

Set the right tone for your classroom and avoid misunderstandings. Simple posters, flashcards and game cards to help you and your young learners enjoy your classes.

♦ Fully editable.
♦ Keeps it simple with five easy to follow rules.
♦ Reinforces positive behaviour.
♦ Helps you create a safe and secure environment where your young learners can thrive.

Classroom Management Songs

Classroom Management Articles

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