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MANY of our story resources also help you practise animal vocabulary and language. Check out these story resource pages for printable and digital resources with a wide range of animals:


The Rainbow fish book cover - link to story resources page

Rainbow Fish

A beautiful story about sharing and friends. The story lends itself well to colour and number vocabulary. How many scales does the Rainbow fish have? How many special scales do the other fish have?

Walking Through the Jungle book cover - link to story resources page

Walking Through the Jungle

A classic picture book that is fantastic for animal and action vocabulary. Kids quickly learn the chant and join in as they meet the various animals in the jungle.


The Three Billy Goats Gruff

The Three Billy Goats is a really fun story to do with kids. They can join in easily with our adapted telling of the story and learn some really useful phrases. It’s a nice way to focus on nature and appearance language too.

The Pig in the Pond book cover - link to story resources page

The Pig in the Pond

This fun story of a pig that wants to swim on a hot day will get the kids giggling.
There are lots of places where the kids can join in with the farm animals shouting the news that ‘There’s a pig in the pond!’.

The Gruffalo's child book cover - link to story resources page

The Gruffalo’s Child

This story build’s on the popular Gruffalo story and gives kids plenty of opportunities to build language to describe appearance. Great for body parts and vocabulary for forest animals.


The Gruffalo

This popular story will be familiar to a lot of kids in their first language. This makes it perfect for building their language in English. A good story for consolidating body parts, describing appearance and talking about forest animals.

The Enormous Turnip book cover - link to story resources page

The Enormous Turnip

A classic story that is full of useful repetition. See our resources for helping kids acquire language related to friends and family, pets and food. Teaching with this story is great for learning lots of useful phrases too.

The Cow That Went OInk book cover - link to story resources page

The Cow That Went Oink

A wonderful story about a cow and a pig who are different from the rest. Great to talk about the importance of not laughing at others for being different. Kids can learn useful farm animal vocabulary and language to talk about feelings and emotions.

We're going on a bear hunt

We’re Going On A Bear Hunt

One of our favourites, this story captivates little (and not so little!) minds. Rich in language, kids will learn useful phrases and language to talk about feelings, nature, family & friends and more.


Ten Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

A classic catchy song that kids love. Who doesn’t love jumping on a bed?! See the related resources to help kids acquire language for numbers, counting and body parts.

One Moose, Twenty Mice book cover - link to story resources page

One Moose, Twenty Mice

An attractive picture book, this is a great story for practising counting to 20, learning animal vocabulary and learning phrases such as, “Where’s the cat?”

One Mole Digging a Hole book cove - link to story reosurces page

One Mole Digging a Hole

A favourite with young kids, this story is perfect for practising numbers and counting. Set in a garden, it’s also great for learning animal vocabulary. The catchy rhymes and silly actions can also be used to increase memorablity.

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