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Kids Club English
Teacher Membership

Less planning
More learning
More support

The teacher community and resource bank
for engaged, motivated and happy learners and teachers.

Play Video about Kids Club English Teacher Membership tour April 2024.

Don’t want an annual subscription?
Just this month (May 2024), you can join the Teacher Community on a monthly basis!

" I highly recommend other teachers to be a part of the Kids English Club community. The practical resources and valuable advice shared in this community equip teachers with the necessary tools to enhance their teaching skills and create more engaging and meaningful learning experiences for their students."
Mark Gunter
Teacher, Japan

Do any of these things sound appealing?

AND…an overall boost to your motivation so you enjoy your classes more?

If the answer is YES to any of those, you’ll love the Kids Club English Teacher Membership.

Just 120 euros for the WHOLE year! That’s 10 euros a month or less than 33 cents a day.

More interested in the Community than the resources?
Just this month (May 2024), you can join the Teacher Community on a monthly basis!

"I'm so grateful to have invested in the Kids Club English Teacher Membership. It's a gold mine of teacher resources for teaching ESL without textbooks. On top of that, you get to be a part of the KCE community, which is a treasure of valuable tools, tips, and advice to make your classes engaging and fun for your students. Thank you Fiona!""
Nereyda Valle
Teacher, Spain

Does this sound like you?

You’re thinking things like…

What can I do to make the next class more engaging?


How can I help them learn more without it being boring?


How can I help each of them participate better?

You’re also probably thinking…

I don’t have time to hunt for materials.


I wish I could do more interesting things with stories, songs, games, craft and maybe even drama…..but WHAT and HOW?!


I’m fed-up of all the self-doubt. I wish I could share with other teachers (who aren’t at my school!)

It doesn’t have to be this way!

Say ‘HELLO!’ to…..

Engaged children

The resources, fresh ideas and exclusive training will help you create lessons your kids will love.

Motivated teacher (YOU!)

It's easy to feel inspired and motivated with our community events and when you need a pick-me-up, join us for a chat in the Teacher Lounge.

Happy parents

The Kids Club English resources make it easy to keep parents in the loop, and let's face it, happy children = happy parents!

A vibrant community

If you're interested in teaching with stories, songs, games, craft and drama, you'll love exchanging ideas with fellow teachers here. Meet your teacher soul-mates!

More time!

Access to resources and ideas you can trust mean you can give less time to preparation, and more to enjoying your time with your little learners......and to putting your feet up more!

"Fiona, you are a real sunshine on the screen. Your activities are very creative and engaging. I will teach the small ones a whole other way next school year. Thank you very much 😘"
Estatrads Esta De Conink
Teacher/School owner, France

What is the Kids Club English Teacher Membership exactly?

Is it a resource bank?

Is it a community?


If you’ve known me for a while, you know that I’ve created a ton of engaging materials for my own classes that are available for purchase…..


…..Over the years I’ve become increasingly frustrated at the lack of support specifically for young and very young learner teachers.

Sure, there is a lot of good advice out there, but you’ve got to search about for it, and you may not always be sure how it applies to YOUR class.

There are also some great teacher communities, but they’re either too big, too impersonal OR are a catch-all for every age group and context.

So I’ve come up with the solution!

  • A supportive space SPECIFICALLY for young and very young learner teachers.
  • A release from the treadmill of constantly looking for new ideas.
  • A space to share our challenges without judgement.
  • An easy way to develop our teaching practices.
  • The right balance between actionable ideas to take straight into class AND space for wider discussion and development.
"One of the standout features of the membership is the attentive and responsive guidance provided by Fiona, who brings a wealth of experience to the discussions. She is very engaged in discussions and has helped me navigate various challenges and develop my teaching practice."
Daniel White
Teacher, Israel

How does the membership work?

1. Access to the resource bank

Simply log in and download ANY of the hundreds of available resources.


2. Teacher Community

Exclusive weekly, bimonthly and monthly events and discussions in our private Facebook group AND access to our community archives.

What are the Teacher Community events?

Weekly Show and Tell Video Threads

I go live in the group for about 10 minutes to share a practical idea or activity.
Members share their variations or thoughts - we show and tell back!

Never be short of ideas or activities again!

Weekly Question Corners

A weekly question based around teaching with stories, songs, games, craft, drama, puppets and all things related to the young learner classroom.

Enjoy sharing, reflecting and thinking with your colleagues around the world.

Bi-monthly Teacher's Lounge

Our very own virtual staffroom where you are welcome to ask for support, advice or simply talk through ideas with your colleagues.

Never feel alone again in our supportive non-judgemental online space.

Monthly webinars and teacher interviews

Enjoy regular practical training sessions to develop your teaching practice on topics such as How to retell stories, Differentiating the same crafts for different ages, All about Mummy and Me groups and much more!

As members you can also share your experiences or request training topics.

A sneak peek at some of the community content

Not only do you get access to all the resources, you also get access to a vibrant community with exclusive events.

"I'd definitely recommend the membership program for anyone looking to enhance their teaching skills and gain valuable insights into using resources effectively. As a member myself, I have found the program to be incredibly beneficial in providing a space for asking questions and exploring teaching issues with like-minded educators."
Daniel White
Teacher, Israel

Frequently asked questions

The current resources in the resource bank amount to over 600 euros worth and the prices for individual resources are likely to increase. Even if you’re not interested in the community aspect, you’re getting quite the bargain!

You don’t have to join the Facebook group, but this is where most of the discussions and communication takes place. If you decide not to join, you will still have access to the video content, and questions discussed, but you won’t be able to see member comments and shared content.

You pay annually rather than monthly, so it’s a payment of 120 euros for access to ALL the resources and the training and community events.

No problem! You can cancel your membership at any time from your account page. You will still have access to both the resources and the teacher community until you reach the end of your year cycle.

It’s a subscription that renews on an annual basis.

These are normally not available separately, but as part of our birthday celebration, you can join the community only on a monthly subscription. Find out more on the Community Membership page.